Saturday, August 14, 2010

Show us yours

More deck clearance even. I had a few goes at this post to tone down the crudity it was in its initial form and get it into shape. I can't recall where I was going with it. Perhaps I am just not passionate enough about breasts. I did at least delete the pic of the big black mamas who all had theirs resting on a table. That was back in May too.

Breasts, they are funny things hey. Apart from the bleeding obvious, I don't know a lot about them. I recall some fun with them when I was a teen. Well, not that much fun really. They were interesting an observational way.

An Asian born workmate once told me that Asian guys like women with small breasts, as they don't sag so much much when the women get older.

At times breasts do really hit you in face, so to speak.

What I find interesting about them is there are no rules about their natural state. A woman of a certain age seems to be able to have very firm and tight breasts, while a young girl can have breasts like jelly. I would guess the older woman might have had them, 'fixed up', but not all.


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Yeah, the "not all" category is me. Wearing a properly fitted brassiere goes a long way to making sure your breasts stay in ...good shape :) Especially if you breast fed babies as I did.

  2. My Dad and all his mates used to call a certain laneway near the Dorcas St Primary school in Sth Melb
    'Tit Swingers Alley' due to the number of housewives who'd lean over the (slightly smaller than chest height) fences to gossip.
    Boobs? Bane of my life, pfft.

  3. I guess that is why god made bras hey Cazzie. The bossooms are not great at staying up of their own accord.

    Swingers Alley, love it Jayne.

  4. Lord Sedgwick once sent me a birthday cartoon with a very old lady asking the bra shop assistant if they had anything in a 36 long.
    Of course I know he didn't mean it was me.

  5. Jahteh, no doubt you were and still are a fine upstanding citizen, and all that it entails.

  6. Anonymous8:41 am

    Are you a '36D cup' yet for your manboobs, Andrew? :)

    Some guys have saggier tits then women do.

  7. Pecs Anon. I have pecs. Well, kind of.

  8. Maybe there are other things that droop and sag with time perhaps they should make bras for them as well tee hee

  9. No MC, they just look bigger and more impressive.