Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The Nylex Clock is still busted. So sayeth Jayne. It is indeed busted. Will we ever see its return? It wasn't long ago that a lot of money was spent on its repair and upgrade and it was switched on with much excitement and relief by those who love it. But Nylex went bust and the clock was switched off.

Now I doubt Planning Minister Justin Madden could ever salvage any respect from those of us who have seen and will see more destruction of our history and historical buildings and streetscapes, but he might earn an iota of respect if he could get the clock turned back on. C'mon Jussy, how about it? And while you are at it, there is a bridge up north a bit that needs a nail or two.


  1. Not holding my breath or I'd be as blue as your links ;)

  2. Anonymous1:23 am

    Funny enough they asked that question on 3AW yesterday morning when I was listening to the station driving home from work. The powers that be said there were no plans in the immediate future to get the Nylex Clock up and running again... shame!

  3. Funny about that clock. I've only been to Melbourne about a half a dozen times in my life but that clock has always stuck in my memory as a Melbourne feature.

  4. I hope to live to see it Jayne.

    Thanks Cazzie. Good to know it is being talked about.

    Marvellous Victor. You have your bridge and your opera house and we have an electric clock, which is busted.

  5. Nope, they're not going to fix it, it's apparently too expensive to maintain & needs a refurb that no one's willing to cough up for. So it stays broken :(