Monday, August 09, 2010

Not how I wanted to spend Sunday

Things happened quickly so far as installing a split system air con unit for Mother. Tradie Brother teed someone up and kapow, it is done, at a very cheap price. Tradie Brother wasn't there when the air con unit was installed. Mother knows R is usually home Saturday afternoons and she knows how to push his buttons. She rang him in a distressed state while I was at work.

She didn't want it. Money would have been better spent elsewhere. We shouldn't be spending money on her. The air con is faulty. It is stopping and starting. It is noisy. Then R gets distressed at her distress. Her own children just make an occasional sympathetic sound when we get such calls, and spend the time otherwise thinking about the chemical components of water or mentally writing this week's grocery shopping list.

What she really wanted was a visit from us and we did. The air con unit is fine, it will heat and cool better and be cheaper to run than the old one. She is keeping the old in the wall model in case the new one fails. Good, so we don't have to fix up the wall if it was to be removed. She is going to hang a painting in front of the old one.

She needed reassurance that the new one was working ok and some tips on using it. She must have spent Saturday night staring at it and listening to it and then went to bed to read the air con manual. While we were there and she was talking, she did not notice what the air con was doing.

Before we arrived, we went to a nearby carwash to clean R's car and then to the local bakery to buy lunch for us and Mother. I pruned Mother's roses, checked that the circular saw she had found in the garage worked and could be sold, and that the motor mower would start, which she is also going to sell. I explained to her about us paying her rates and and for any major appliance that breaks down.

ABI Brother arrived once to deliver some meds for Mother, and then a few minutes later returned because he needed her to apply some ointment to his back. Silly boy, he knew we were going up to his place shortly.

ABI's sewerage had blocked up and flowed into his house. He had the roots in the drains cleared by a plumber and the carpet had to be replaced, his insurance company paying most of the cost. He still has to have four offending trees cut down. They are described as poplars and they are a poplar shaped, but they look more like some kind of willow tree to me. Regardless, both species are bad for drains and they must go.

So we went to check his new carpet and to deliver our old LCD monitor to him. Mucked that up as I did not bring a connecting cord. I had forgotten that CRT monitors have a hard wired cable.

We went around straightening pictures on the walls. Mother nagged ABI Brother about the state of his garden and the cleanliness of his windows. Forget it Mother, he is just not interested in the garden. He jumped with glee at my comment about it being survival of the fittest in his garden. Otherwise his place was neat and tidy and he busied himself making sandwiches for work lunch the next day.


  1. You're a good lad to your mum.

  2. Such a busy family life.. I remember having these moment with my Nan before she was placed in a nursing home and then I took her out of that home and had her live with us. She was easier to manage as she got on in age, she would be 93 or so now if she were alive. I remember her telling me one thing and others another thing, just to get us to run to her. I loved her to bits, still do, but it does make life hard when you cannot always be there. Of course nowadays it is so expensive to live on your own in a big house with a big garden. Of course I do not have to tell you are seeing it.
    My friend who I adopted as my own Mum is now 64. She finds it hard to keep u with the rates and bills and such... she conserves power and water and doesnt go all extravagant with shopping or going out. We all help her out, her sons and I. Luckily, she and her husband (who passed on 5 years ago) worked hard all their life and paid off the house. She thanks her hard work for that. It gives her some peace of mind knowing she owns the place as it is....

  3. Stop her whining about money for a bit Jayne.

    Nice Cazzie. Yes, if you own your own home, you should be able to manage, but paying private rent would make it almost impossible.