Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Monitor

We were almost at the cutting edge of technology a few years back when we paid over $400 for a 14" LCD computer monitor. But it was looking very dated and small. We decided some time back to buy a new larger one but there was no urgency. We will wait until we see a good special.

After our Open House experience a few Sunday's ago, we decided to have a look in stores to see what was around. We went to Office Works at QV and saw some agreeable units. We went onto the normally cheaper underground Dick Smith store at the corner of Bourke and Swanston. No bargain to be had there. Back to O W. We ummed and ahhed, compared sizes to resolutions to appearance to brands and prices, to giga pixels and megahertz. We chose one but it was not in a box, only shelf stock. The lad was about to get the box, when it occurred to us that it did not have speakers, whereas our present one has them built in. Our built in speakers are great, if you like sounds like a bat being tortured by a darning needle, but they did the job. If I want quality music, I'll use my AM Sony Walkman. (A work acquaintance laughed at me the other day when I pulled it out and stuck the buds into my ears. What is that, he exclaimed?)

Ok, buying speakers is not something I or R had even considered. We put it into the too hard basket, yet next Sunday, we went back. The same monitor was still the same price and we chose speakers to go with it. The speakers cost $30 and I don't think they are too bad, considering their price. I assured R that I would not be busy all afternoon setting them up. It was just a matter of plugging the monitor and speakers in. Of course, that proved to be untrue.

As I write this, where I am writing takes up the top left hand quarter of the screen. The rest is mostly just white, which was so glaring, we had to turn the brightness right down. The new screen is great for watching 'movies' but little else. We chose a minimal letter box shaped screen of 22", but what we actually would have liked was a more square screen of that size. The only positive is the speakers. We don't need them so loud to actually hear what is being said. Oh yes, the monitor does have some handy extra control features.

While I loved this wallpaper of Melbourne, I had to ditch it as I could not see the desk top icons easily.


  1. Just hooked up new speakers here, old ones couldn't cope with semi-new lcd monitor after ancient old style monitor.
    Yours looks good!

  2. I like the Melbourne wallpaper. Is it one of your photographs?

  3. Very cool wallpaper indeed.

  4. Bet you say that to all the boys Jayne.

    No Victor. I stole it, with such guilt that I did not save it. I'll see if I can find it and email it to you directly.

  5. 'Tis a big city we now live in Fen. It can look nice.

  6. Yes it is. You inspired me and I went on a wallpaper hunt for my computer here at work. I found some interesting pics to use.