Monday, August 02, 2010

Myki - Madness or Modernity?

I have been using my Myki card for well over one week without any problems so far, except one stand alone balance reader would not read my card. I have not as yet used it on a bus, even though I often use buses. That may be a good test for it.

Originally I had the card with other cards and when I attempted to scan my card while it was still in my wallet, I received a message along the lines of 'Too many cards'. I moved the card so that it was on the other side of my wallet and on its own and it scans fine through the wallet.

The scan time seems very variable though, up to a second at times, but not always. It certainly is not instant. Other countries seem to have readers that are instant. Given the money spent on the system, I am surprised that you can't just walk past a scanner with your Myki card in your hand and it is read. The system is smart enough to know that if your card in your wallet on a crush load tram is pressed up against a reader, that it is not multiple trips.

While there will be problems in the early stages, as there was with Metcard, I think Myki will settle in time and future proof the ticket system for a decade or more. But gee, it has cost an awful lot of money that could have been spent elsewhere.


  1. S and geek kid have been using theirs on buses the past week and a bit without a hiccup (touch wood, fingers crossed) and so far has been cheaper than Metcards and worked smoothly, even for topping up.

  2. I am not a regular Public Transport user but have used myki on occasions without any problem. My biggest problem is the $1b+ pricetag that came with it. Surely we could have just bought the Oystercard system from London for a fraction of the cost?

  3. is it pronounced like Mickey from mickey mouse?? we dion't have anything as advanced as buses that run on the weekends even sometimes...

  4. ...and still we wait in NSW...

  5. @Middle Child: It's pronounced "my key" although given the list of disasters associated with myki it has been dubbed by some as the "mickey mouse" card

  6. So far my Myki has only let me swipe on once, then didn't let me swipe off, a one-way city-to-Carlton trip cost me a full day fare as a result. Readers have failed to read my card on multiple other occasions. I started off with it in my wallet. but now I just bareback the card to the scanner. Attempting to touch on multiple times when entering a packed tram makes other commuters cranky.

    I thought the yellow dot on the Metcard readers was for RF cards like Myki? how come that functionality was never activated.

    I'm sure all these bugs will be worked out. In the meantime, anyone involved in the whole Myki debacle should be deeply, deeply ashamed of the massive failure they've been a part of.

  7. Anonymous9:37 am

    Are you taking the Myki?

  8. Good Jayne. A tick from you. Btw,I have now used mine on buses too without a problem.

    TVAU, they tell us our system is too complex for Oyster. Now they have made it less complicated for Myki to work. Duh, yes Oyster or similar, as NZ did.

    As below your comment by TVAU.

    Victor, you must be up to about the W Card by now.

    So your experience is a negative Mutant. Interesting. I have seen staff use the yellow dot, but not of late. There is no other word than debacle really.

    Boom boom, Anon.

  9. I still haven't used mine but I'm sure it will be ok. I loved the Oyster system in London, was there when it was introduced.

  10. I guess you don't use public transport too much now Fen, coz of where you live.

  11. Yup you're right Andrew, I drive to work and walk to the shops!