Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Moving Sister

It was moving weekend for Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo. They were moving into their newly bought house on the Bellarine Peninsula after they sold their Geelong house. It seemed ages since we saw Little Jo, so I arranged for us to visit them and 'help' with moving. Their new house is only five minutes walk from their rented house. We inspected the new house and while it needs some work, it is not bad at all. It has a classic seventies bathroom, which they dislike, but I found it quite attractive. Was it called Marbletex? Sheets of faux marble. The tap fittings are chocolate brown and wonderful shapes.

We met with them in Geelong for brunch at the Wharf Shed Cafe, then Bone Doctor went off to attend to football business and we took Sister and Little Jo back to their abode.

It was cold and the wind was blowing and then showers arrived, but even so, how great is the Geelong waterfront! I was very impressed and we will visit again.

Wharf Shed Cafe with the much posher Le Parisien restaurant above. The cafe was very pleasantly heated and the staff friendly and the food was fine.

Here comes a bus. We declined but may on another day.

The Geelong waterfront is renown for its bollard walk. Here is one group and the music for the Geelong polka. You are lucky I don't have a piano to record a rendition for you. Actually, it would take me hours to move the notes to my fingers.

I suppose it was always called Cunningham Pier. It is covered by railway lines, pointing to Geelong's history as being a busy port. The entrance and the buildings towards the end of the pier looked a bit tacky. Seaplane was non operational because of the strong wind.

This was a rather nice water feature, but the water was shut off.

More bollards, this time I think referencing Geelong's local produce and restaurants.

As did every civilised city of a certain size, Geelong had a decent tram system. I suppose this tram conductor bollard pays homage to it.


  1. I've done it once years ago and can't recall now but how long is the drive between Geelong and downtown Melbourne?

  2. Keep meaning to return with feral kiddo to have another good wander down there, very pretty and so many things to see :)

  3. The Geelong waterfront is great. I can vouch for that cafe too, I've had lunch there once or twice. Makes me want to jump on a V/Line train and go down there this weekend.

  4. HR, you've really captured the very beautiful Eastern Beach. I've loved it all my life. There's an ornate salt water fountain that we used to play in as kids on hot days down towards the eastern end of the beach.

  5. I haven't been to Geelong in years, must get down there again at some stage. I have that fake marble stuff on my shower floor, it makes me grin when I see it!

  6. Short of anything productive to do last night, and lacking the coin to buy internet credit for the purposes of perusing porn - I took a spin to Geelong last night. It was cold, wet and dark so I U-turned my arse back home.

    I'm glad you got some decent photos though

  7. It's about fifty five minutes Victor. Very good road but very boring trip.

    Jayne, the whole nearby ex industrial/commercial area is interesting too.

    Ben, wait until it is a bit warmer. It was nice looking out into the bay from the cafe.

    Thanks Lad. I suppose the fountain has gone now.

    Fen, pencil it for when you are recovering from the carving up.

    Hardly the night for it Mutant. Not content with porn you have saved? Typical gay. Always wanting new and fresh.