Friday, August 06, 2010

I just don't get it

'Angry and very aggressive' baby killer jailed for 10 years

August 6, 2010

A Sydney man has been jailed for at least 10 and a half years for the "brutal" killing of his girlfriend's baby son, which a court has been told included stomping on the infant's chest.

You don't want to read anymore than the above. The story gets worse. It is quite distressing. I just cannot for the life of me understand why this bloke was not locked up permanently. What possible mitigating circumstances could there be? What would have possessed the mother to try and cover up for him. Actually, that is easier to understand than what he did.

Perhaps the only good thing out of this is that the child was saved from a miserablellife, but even so, some can rise above their upbringing. While we go about pretending everything is ok, we really do live a crap world.


  1. Just beyond belief.

    And what of the child? What child deserves this in their short life?

    We have another case in Sydney at the moment of a missing child. There is a mother, a father, a step-father and an uncle in the mix and a host of worrying aspects. I fear the worst when the truth of what has happened emerges.

  2. Yes, you're right, it is a crap world. I try not to think about it too much, but there is so much nasty out there. Try working within the health system, you see it all and some of it is horrendous. The life stories that people have shared with me, the adversities they've overcome, the mind boggles it really does.

    Anyway, I hope this guy rots in jail.

  3. That case is not going to have a nice ending is it Victor. Once you see the people and hear the name of their suburb, all sorts of stereotypical thoughts come into your head. WE hope they aren't correct, but I fear they will be.

  4. Doing such work must really take its toll on people Fen. Long term it must be damaging. You would need to disassociate yourself I think, and be able to just switch off work once you leave.

  5. All children are so precious and have a right to be kept safe till they can take care of themselves as adults - anyone who intentionally kills a child in the above manner should never be released never. A difference is an accidental killing but to do what that animal (apologies to the animals) did he intended the worst...and so deserves the worst - which is life in prison.

  6. F'kn bastard.
    Put him in the general population of the prison with the real hard boys.

  7. What Jayne said. But I actually think it is well known that child killers get such a hard time in the slammer that they get segregated.
    Even other sociopaths hate them.
    I do wish that instead of prison, really vile people like this guy, would be released into the community with their crime tattooed on their face. Spend the rest of their life trying to get served in the pub, smokes in the supermarket, etc. (oh and being kicked by people like me)

  8. Yes T, some crimes are just so bad, that people should not be released.

    Jayne, he might get the exercise bike option. He will forever be watching over his shoulder.

    I like that idea tattoo idea Ann. Forever branded.

  9. and it is cheaper for us to have crims branded and on the street.
    After living next door to some for a nasty long time, I learned that they view a sentence to Barwon Prison like it was a scholarship to Harvard: "ooh goody we in with The Big Crims". It is their comfort zone, drugs, TV, etc. much easier than life outside and all utilities paid for.

  10. Anonymous9:52 am

    He should have had the same done to him, what he inflicted on this poor child.

    Some crims shouldn't be allowed to rot in jail - bring back the death penalty.