Monday, August 09, 2010

Family First puts down gay families

Of course always, family first, but not Family First. It appears they may well be wiped out the forthcoming election. Not a moment too soon.

This is Queensland Family First Senator Wendy Francis. She looks kind of ok, thanks to bit of 'work' I expect.

But no, to quote her, “Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse.”

Hmm, I have a bit of a vested interest in this subject. While I care not two hoots for gay marriage, what she says is outrageous, in the best tradition of Fred Nile. She should be before the courts.

Then there is some absurd pastor in the United States who wants Lego banned because it teaches children that the Lego pieces can fit together in many different ways and they learn that this is normal and put this into practice in their sexual relations when they are adults. I say the more ways we can fit together, the more fun we will have. Imagine doing it in missionary position with the same person for fifty years. Yawn.


  1. Friends of mine were the first (possibly still are the only)lesbian foster couple in Qld, putting back together the very fractured children who had been broken to pieces by heterosexual parents.
    Y'know, the 'normal' heterosexual ones this chick thinks is ideal.

  2. I can't believe Labor preferenced them ahead of the Greens last election. They'll never disappear while the major parties ape their policies.

  3. Absolute balderdash eh... you know it and I know it. We both have a vested interest in this subject...and we sure know better!

  4. Hang on - you mean Lego made me the way I am today? I probably need to write them a letter of thanks.

    I think the more outrageous thing is that this madwoman refuses to back down from her comments. I know there'll always be crackpots, and people who agree with them, but surely the majority of Australians look at coments like that and do the spinny-finger thing behind their ears?

  5. Anonymous9:52 am

    Stupid woman. Who would want her as a mother?

    From my observations gay couples make great parents and foster carers. And the kids don't miss out from either a female or male presence as most have friends etc of the required gender for the childs development.

  6. Too right Jayne. Love and discipline is what they need more than anything.

    Well Lad, they rather shot themselves in the foot with that one. It was pretty outrageous.

    You can swear Cazzie, bullshit is ok.

    Yep Mutant, she says all these soothing words, yet stands by what she said.

    Quite so Anon, as does my niece who has straight males in her life, her bio father for a start.

  7. "Hang on - you mean Lego made me the way I am today?"

    Thankfully I was born in the years before that deviant Lego toy was foisted upon unwary children.

    I was brought up in the straight world of Meccano which was an innocent time before homosectionals were invented, where nuts, bolts and sternly heterosexual screws were the norm.

  8. 'sternly heterosexual screws.' Magnificent!

  9. She took down the comments, saying that it was a staffer's mistake which happens when running a busy election campaign without enough helpers.

    Pardon me while I become obnoxious.
    Well, where was God when you needed him? Stupid tart.

  10. But she hasn't denied them Jahteh. Who has written about her? These are just ones I know.

    Your good self,

    The Muriels,

    Andy Blume,