Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So exciting, Princess Mary in her home town of Hobart. Off to Hobart Mercury to read about her visit. Ohhhhh, very heavy snowfalls in Tasmania, with snow falling in West Hobart. I know where to see some snow. Rose Bay High School has a web cam pointing over the city to Mount Wellington.

Time is right on the webcam. So where is the evidence of wild weather and snow to low altitudes? I can't even see snow on Mount Wellington. The weather appears to smiling down on Princess Mary.

Perhaps the camera is faulty and not updating? I check the live webcam at Wrest Point. Fine and sunny and the Derwent is sparkling.

One last cam I know of, Tasman Bridge road traffic. Fine and sunny and not a snowflake to be seen.


  1. It's like the moon landing, Andrew. Those webcams are a conspiracy concocted inside film studios.

    :-) Just joking!

  2. While plenty of snow was dumped, it was onto ground that was too warm for it to last. Don't forget that the day before was a nice sunny 18*C - with lots of sun to warm up all those rocks.

    Combine this with the Sea Breeze, and the snow never seems to last long.

  3. I just saw vision of HRH on the news disembarking from a Virgin Blue flight.

    The Danish royals must be economising...or did they charter the whole plane?

  4. She iz zee miracle vorker!
    Her encore act vill be to part Bass Strait.

  5. You sir, are the king of webcams! Molly the owl has just hatched her second batch of owlets: http://www.sportsmansparadiseonline.com/Live_Owl_Nest_Box_Cam.html

  6. Anonymous7:35 am

    I'd believe the webcams not the weather men.

  7. Even on Mount Wellington Msilsby? This winter I have noticed that the temp in Hobart is quite often a degree or two warmer than Melbourne.

    Virgin Victor? Oh dear. I heard it was a commercial flight.

    If she does part Bass Strait Jayne, what treasures we would find.

    I checked last night Fen and it must have been parent owl. Now I can see the chicks. Not exactly cute are they.

    Yes Anon, although if you know Melbourne, you know how we can have brilliant sunshine before the rain pours down.

  8. there is a blog called A Bogan In Denmark, but please do go here to CPMary blogspot and page-down to see Prunz Freddie getting his brains thwocked-out

  9. Very amusing Ann.