Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check your mail

Mother was puzzled to still have the letter she had written to me in her handbag when she returned from the shops. She clearly remembered posting the letter. It slowly dawned upon her that she had posted her blood pressure tablet, also in an envelope in her bag.

She is not going senile. She has always done things like that. Now, should you happen to receive a tablet in an unmarked envelope in your mail, give me hoi if you please.


  1. oh bless her, that's something I would do too!

  2. Can I ask why she would write you letters?

  3. Hmmm...I once posted mail but forgot to attach the stamps. At least your mum has the option of blaming senility if she wanted to.

  4. That's pretty much the kind of thing I do. I'm noted for actions like putting the kettle in the fridge (instead of the milk) or toaster in the bread bin.

    My keys, glasses, wallet and phone all end up in odd places as I rush about doing last-minute jobs before I leave the house - setting them down instead of switching things off, feeding the animals, etc.

    I like to think that being a ditz is hereditary - I inherited it from my dear, sweet, but easily confused mother.

  5. Fen, I could say something about women the mess their handbags are, but Mother would have done if she carried the letter in her hand.

    Good question Victor. She is an inveterate letter writer and seven pages is nothing for her. If I stacked all the letters she has written to me, the stack would be over 2' tall. She still calls on the phone too. Praise the lord she doesn't do text or email. It is her way to get things off her chest and I am not dissimilar. The act of writing a letter to complain about something is often enough for me, without sending it.

    AR, I think I have done that too, a good while ago.

    You just need looking after Mutant and have these mundane things sorted for you.

  6. 'She is an inveterate letter writer'

    Good for her.

  7. Is my word wrong Victor? Checked, seems to be right. I am now the only person she writes to regularly.

  8. Absolutely correct, Andrew.