Monday, August 16, 2010

Broadband v Wireless

Our first isp was free. It came with our first computer. It was hopeless, with a minimal number of modems to dial into. Oddly the best dial up isp we had was Eisa, before it went bust. It performed well, with never a problem dialling in and it was fast.

It was about 1999 when we connected to broadband cable, and what a wonderous thing it was. Lightening fast as if by magic. Now our cable internet is much faster than our first cable.

Our cable internet is so fast and so reliable, compared to years past, I am quite content and I have no need of faster or bigger or better. A giga byte per second via fibre optic? There goes my monthly download limit in 25 seconds. I am content, just as I was back in about 1997, but how the world and the internet has moved on since 1997, in ways I could never imagine.

I can't speculate how much we will be gouged to have access to the Labor government's planned fibre optic network, but I suspect that if we don't have a fibre optic network, Australia will be left a long way behind and seriously disadvantaged.

As for the Liberal Party's proposed wireless network, well, we have wireless for R's laptop. It is fine for holidays or in an emergency, but that is it. I know at least one of my readers uses wireless as she is somewhat nomadic, and she is not satisfied with it. Do you use wireless and are you happy with it?


  1. With the speed of labor's new broadband, you could download a movie in a few minutes, that would be the end of dvd rentals and maybe even cable movie channels.

    I am about to find out about wireless, first stop after the airport, the Telstra shop!

  2. Anonymous11:24 pm

    We use internal wireless and have been very happy with that. Most convenient when I have come home from night shift and want to lay on my bed and flitter through my messages... or sit outside in the Sun on a nice day and soak up some rays :)

  3. Anonymous8:03 am

    Australia will need the broadband network - like you said we don't know what lies ahead for the internet so it is imperative we have the infrastructure in place.

    I work for the financial industry and they are now converting to fibre optic cabling for transfer of electronic payments which is leaps ahead and won't be long before they will be able to do real time crediting and debiting of funds to customers accounts.

    As for wireless connection - we use it on our laptops at work and they are so slow it is annoying.

  4. I remember when my dad started a new job in 1996 and it included a home PC with internet. At the time, we boasted a 33.6kbps modem (upgraded to 56kbps in a few months). It worked fine with the level of internet capability at the time - but then all I did was "hang out" in Beseen chatrooms and use ICQ when I should have been doing homework...

    The broadband network will be a good thing. Probably more so for business, I feel. Apparently our illustrious (ahem), and IT-savvy premier had a meeting at Google headquarters in the US recently to discuss the potential of the NBN. Whether that means Google are likely to open up shop in Scottsdale (ahem) or whether it was just a social chat, I have no idea. But either way the NBN has already opened the door for Tasmania just a smidgen. And let's face it, any business investment we (in Tassie especially) can get that isn't resource-based is a positive.

    Having said that, I don't know whether I'll ever download movies - I've only just started buying records again :)

  5. I have a broadband connection to the house, but internal wireless from there. I love the flexibility it gives me to work on my laptop wherever I want- without feeling I have to be chained to my desk. At school, being able to move a laptop around anywhere in a classroom- connect it to a projector/ big screen etc is wonderful and I would hate to be without that flexibility now.

  6. Create a new market too Ian. I don't hire dvds because it is too far to the hire shop and I never know if I will have the time to finish an overnight dvd. I would never give Telstra the satisfaction of downloading one of their movies. Telstra probably has the most reliable and fastest network, although not without it problems, I have heard.

    I am sure internal b band is fine Cazzie. I mean the one that comes through the air from the telephone exchange. It must have a name. I suppose wireless broadband, whereas yours is internal wireless.

    Anon, the wireless really shouldn't be called broadband at times as it can be so slow. In spite of real time electronic transfer, I bet cheques will still take three days to clear.

    Ah, Me, good old ICQ. I loved it. Remember the bird like sound as a message arrived? I am not sure if it is a secret or not, but I wonder what the pricing is like in Tas where it has been installed. Google Australian Head Office in northern Tasmania. Why not?

    Same as Cazzie KN. In school, is the signal distributed from a point within the school or can you take it anywhere and pick up the signal?

  7. I've never really had 'proper' internet, sticking instead to dial-up while the rest of the workd went broadband, and now running wireless.

    In my tiny household I'm with Telstra, have zero connectivity issues but its fucking SLOW. My housemate chose Optus, she has blistering speed, coupled with constant signal dropouts.

    For me, I'd be happy with normal broadband if I wasn't going to be gouged on the bill each month.

    Instead of concentrating of faster internet, how come no one in Australia offers (reliable) cheaper internet?

  8. At school they actually receive the original access via wireless, then they have about three 'things'- I don't know what they are called, that transmit it within the school. It took some time for them to work out the technical side of it, but basically you can now take your laptop anywhere within the school and you can connect.

  9. So far the NBN is in the fine Tasmanian metropolises of Scottsdale, Midway Point, and Smithton. More to follow. No change in pricing yet!

    Is ICQ still around? Is it still "down" with "the kids"?

  10. Mutant, we pay $20 per month for R's internet access on his laptop. That is broadband, albeit a bit slow. It is one gb per month, quite a lot of x tube vids.

    KN, perhaps they are routers. I don't know about them really. While I don't doubt you, I am surprised that the signal comes into the school via wireless. No matter, it works well for the school and you.

    Our dyke friend hails from Smithton, pronounced Smiffton I believe. Given I never hear about ICQ, I think it is of the past. Probably msn or yahoo chat is the thing now, or even Facebook chat.

  11. I've got ADSL 2+ and wireless via a router. Works perfectly for me. However I've heard from a lot of people that proper wireless is rubbish and inconsistent. Problem with it is the more people that use it the slower and more useless it gets. I'm all for fibre optics, I cannae wait.

  12. Certainly inconsistent Fen and usually slow.