Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bikes passing trams

More deck clearance. This one from May when it may have been relevant to what was in the news at the time.

I am not an apologist for cyclists, but fining them a couple of hundred dollars plus for slowly passing a stationary tram in the city is absurd. I advise the Victorian Police to pay attention to cars passing stationary trams at speed when passengers are getting on and off when the tram has open doors and umpteen lights flashing and a life is at threat. One of you who read this will be up to speed on archived court cases. I can only recall mid eighties, where a female driver passed a stationary tram in Burke Road, Camberwell, when someone was getting off or on the tram. She killed the person. Sentence, a few months license suspension and a decent fine.

Over to you VicPol. I am sure you observing what is posted here, as you are in so many places on the net.


  1. Yes, cos bikes are soooo large and capable of mowing down passengers at 150kph when those young hoons get in the saddle.
    I blame the lycra for their thirst for speed.

  2. I thought your police would be too busy chasing murderers and gangs at present without worrying about cyclists and trams!

  3. Although Jayne, bikes can do damage as our friend in Japan can attest after a recent incident.

    Depends what is flavour of the day KN. Whatever can distract the masses from focusing on why there are so many private security guards around.

  4. I've certainly seen many more cases of cars speeding past stationary trams as passengers are alighting, than cyclists inching their way forwards.
    I'm always very careful when getting off trams, I've had a couple of times when I could've easily been run down if I hadn't checked for cars.

  5. Fen, I am amazed that more people don't get hit. As you did, I put it down to vigilance by people getting off trams. They shouldn't have to vigilant.

  6. Fuck the cyclists. If they want to be treated like everyone else on the road, then they can be subject to the same laws and same fines as everyone else.

  7. Andy, it is an excessive fine and while they will enforce the law for one week, they will forget about it for the other fifty one weeks.