Thursday, August 05, 2010

Be afraid kiddies

For good or bad, I frequent the more salubrious parts of Melbourne. I saw some Josh Frydenberg supporters at Camberwell Junction encouraging people in the street to vote for Josh. Then just a wee bit later, I spied Kelly O'Dwyer supporters canvassing in Malvern. A lass with an Irish name a Tory? Extraordinary. I suppose Irish Tories must exist, but I didn't think they ever came to Australia.

The scary thing about the canvassers is that some of them seemed quite normal. A few were archetypical but some were hidden behind a cloak of being your average person who could even be your friend. Still, they are supporting Tories who are in safe seats, so no need to worry there.

It is the outer areas of Melbourne I worry about, areas where my Tradie Brother lives. In fact people in his occupation are the most susceptible to political bribes (note to self, must remind him that his father would never have voted Liberal). The outer areas may well give us Mad Monk Anthony Abbott as our Prime Minister.

My local ALP bloke Michael Danby is ok, for a politician. At least he is prepared to stand against the party line at times. Media monitors, pass on to him that as big a compliment as I can give to a mainstream politician. As for the last election, I will vote Green and direct my preferences to Labor. The idea of a conservative bible bashing Catholic as our Prime Minister horrifies me.

Worse than that, can you really trust anyone who gets up at 5am to ride a bike? For pleasure?

Another note to self, make sure Mother does not have transport to a polling booth. She'll be looking for the Country Party candidate on the ballot paper, or even the DLP.


  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    I think he rides his bike for the pure pleasure of having something up his arse so early in the morning! :)

    you really should have a look at the facebook page friends don't let friends vote for Tony Abbott it is an absolute riot!


  2. I can get excited by the sight of most lean men wearing speedos but not so Mr Abbott, I must confess.

  3. Andrew, check with Mother, she should have had at least two letters in the mail for postal vote applications. You are allowed to be a witness when she fills out the ballot papers when they arrive.

  4. I told my father today that there was an election on an asked him if he wanted to vote. He had just moved into the nursing home in October 2007, and I asked him the same question. I know him to be rusted on, so asked if he would like to place a postal vote for that nice Mr Howard. He did, and so I did.

    However, this time, he has no idea who anyone is. Although I know who he would choose, I do not have the same obligation to follow through with his intentions. I asked him what he wanted and he had no idea.


    I just feel sick in the stomach about this entire thing. MM as PM. And I worried that JB would be DPM until that nice Mr Truss said what he said yesterday.

    Now I guess, the media will ask KMR what he thinks of the burqua and he will explode that it is disgusting.

    Where is that bucket of sand ...

  5. You can't say that Michelle...oh, you have. Perhaps you are right. I will check FB tomorrow.

    Victor, one friend said it works for him if he can whip him.

    No no Jahteh. I want to stop her voting. She will vote for the Libs, foolish woman that she is.

    Julie, at times I could just burst into tears of frustration. I recall my stepmother's father's words. Don't vote for them, it only encourages them.

  6. I'd never heard of Josh Frydenberg who I suggest is unknown in NSW so I Googled his name after reading this post.

    I like his looks. Fatuous comment, I know but this gay man has always been a sucker for good looks. :-)

  7. He is a bit solid Victor, but not too shabby.