Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bad Idea Libs

Who's clever idea was it to use Andrew Robb as a front person to get the Liberal Party elected as our new government? His recent mental illness and break from parliament is irrelevant except to mention I am pleased he has recovered and got his life back on an even keel. (I deleted this last sentence, but I have reinstated it before anyone accuses me of being unsympathetic to someone who has had a mental illness)

However, he is a most unappealing front person for the Libs and I really question their wisdom of using him as a front person. Yes, he can talk the figures and sprout the party line, but not in any kind of way that could possibly described as warm or convincing.

I have my faults and I will wear them because generally I know what they are, so negative comments about me come as no surprise to me. They are usually self recognised faults.

Maybe Andrew Robb isn't dour, cold and humourless, but that is how he comes across to me. I will call it, a bad decision Libs. Bishop the younger is much more appealing but for goodness sake, don't dig up Bishop the older. She is only going to catch votes from aged wealthy middle class men who have school m'arm spanking fantasies. They already vote for the Liberal Party.


  1. Haven't seen him myself so I'm only guessing but
    A) a bad choice to have spruiking up front due to unbearable pressures from all sides (especially if he's not a firm believer of what he's trying to sell) and
    B) He could have the flat effect from whatever meds he's possibly on or his mental illness.

  2. Actually there aren't that many attractive talking heads in the opposition and the same applies to the NSW opposition.

  3. Not sure how you have managed to miss him Jayne. Re A, I wonder how many pollies really believe what they are saying.

    Victor, there is, um, ah....point made.