Friday, August 13, 2010

Aunty Age

It is not the first time I have noted this. The Age online is just so far behind the Herald Sun. ABC Radio called it at six o'clock. Herald Sun has it online but all The Age can say is,

It is not yet known if the shooting is connected to the death of crime family patriarch Macchour Chaouk, who was fatally shot this morning.

The Age may very well want to verify information before it is published, but they better get moving a bit faster.

God forbid, earlier in the week had to read Sydney's Daily Tele to find out about the proposed rail link. No mention of it at all on SMH online.


  1. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Seriously that does NOT surprise me, I worked at the Age about 10 years ago and they were behind then too, for eg. a lady was dragged down Spencer St from Collins to Bourke by a tram fatally of course before tram realised this, the Age had a 4 line bit of info, whereas the Herald Sun had more info, you'd think being down the road at the time made any difference, it did not. Of course now they are further up Spencer st lol go figure right?


  2. The Herald Sun is usually first with the news. And first to be wrong, quite often. But you've nailed the immediacy of the tabloids.

  3. I notice that my local newspaper has recently changed its online policy, and it no longer puts stories online until the day after they appear in the newspaper, unless the stories are ones taken up by the national press. I am not sure if this was a local editor's decision or if it applied nationwide in the Fairfax stable. But it hasn't driven me to purchase the local paper any more often....

  4. Michelle, their priorities have always puzzled me.

    Lad, the net has many examples of the Hun going wrong in their haste.

    Interesting KN. I've not heard of that tactic before.