Thursday, August 12, 2010

Across the Road

Cafe Vue has new outdoor heating of a type I have never seen before. The flame spurts up a glass tube to a height of about two metres. They don't throw out as much warmth as a normal outdoor heater buy they sure look good, especially at night from our balcony. Oh yes, our new local Post Office has opened too, plus another convenience store almost next door to an existing one. That makes three now within a minute's walk, when for a time after the large 711 closed, we had none. Sorry about the photos. I can't do night photography and the other was with the phone in a restricted space.


  1. You live opposite Cafe Vue? Small world huh, the (former) Husbear would often find ourselves there of a weekend.

    Seriously Andrew, you need to stop following me!

  2. Really Mutant? It only opened last summer. We've had breakfast there once, and coffee a few times. Btw, it is my doorstop you were sitting across the road from.

  3. Very spech Jayne.

  4. I guess Climate Change Deniers, sit outdoors under these heaters and claim that global warming is a myth.

    THOUSANDS of outdoor cafes have heaters - this MUST have an effect on something somewhere.

    Your photo is great - there's a tram reflected in the cafe window.

  5. Escaping heat Ann. Yes. Warming our city. We will never get frost again in Melbourne.