Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Unwell Nixons

Last week I was half listening to the radio news and I heard Nixon collapsed and had been taken to hospital. I forgot to listen properly to the next hourly news and again I heard Nixon had been taken to hospital. I assumed it was Christine Nixon but it wasn't. It was a football manager, Ricky Nixon. I only know of him because he crashed into a stationary tram a while back after he had been drinking, and he then bolted from the scene.

But him up on high seems to have it for Nixons. Just a few days later ex police commissioner and as of yesterday ex head of the Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority, Christine Nixon WAS carted off to hospital.

Just weird.


  1. Something in the water.

  2. lucky Richard Nixon's dead ;)

  3. aah just read that C. Nixon is having her gall bladder removed. Not surprised really, given her um, weight issue.

  4. I hope the paramedics were not out to dinner when the ambulance was called for C Nixon...

  5. Possibly Jayne.

    Fen, so they are related. I did not know.

    Naughty Victor, and when she is unwell.

  6. Yes, it was below the belt. I withdraw the comment.

  7. I agree that is weird, what's up with that?

    I remember hearing about Ricky Nixon crashing into the tram that was stationary... He must have been plastered to pull that off...

  8. It is still there Victor. Best you leave it otherwise the subsequent comments won't make sense.

    Well AM, nothing wrong really. I like a bit of weird. He was still plastered some time later when he was tested.


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