Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unrealistic Expectations

We all have unrealistic expectations about people's performance, often in their workplace but this really takes the cake.

Two groups of bikies were fighting at Sydney Airport. I repeat, groups of bikies. It seems security was slow off the mark but two arrived mid battle.

A witness stated, '"At that point I started looking around to see where on earth were the security," she said. Soon after, she saw what appeared to be two security guards running towards the fight area before she noticed: "They had stepped back and basically just watched."'

Really? And what would the witness expect them to do? Two guards step into a two groups of fighting bikies?

The witness later admitted they may have just been airline staff.

Of course the point remains that while we suffer from excessive security procedures at airports, the Federal and State Police were nowhere to be seen.


  1. When I saw my first ice hockey game and bout, I asked why the ref didn't stop them and T replied 'how?'

    Same sort of thing - how the heck would you stop something like this.

  2. It is alleged that some of the bikies attacked their victim with bollards. I think I might have stepped back in that situation too.

  3. the very valid point " how the heck would you stop something like this." just tells us that committing a serious crime is more likely to be unhindered than a minor one, or in fact, at airports, no crime at all.
    I have had my luggage trashed by over-zealous Customs ning-nongs, and frighteningly, a major drama at LAX when I was accused of harbouring a weapon in my luggage, which was in fact a Sherriff's badge purchased AT THE ACTUAL AIRPORT. Later they said they thought it must be a ninja fighting star or some crap. Geez.
    Don't get me started on airports, I have other stories too.
    Re pathetic security guys though: has anyone ever noticed that they are usually old tubby and visually impaired? pay attention to the next Armaguard truck you see illegally parked while delivering cash.

  4. Let 'em kill each other and clean up the muck afterwards.

  5. Anonymous7:48 am

    You will notice a bigger Police presence at Sydney's airports since this incedent. That was the big question at the time of this incident - where were the Police? Obviously all were at McDonald's.

  6. But I always - always get searched (arms and legs held out, shoes off as they run the beeper over every inch...for some reason it always beeps down near my left leg - god knows why - beeps over the metal bits on my bra - and beeps on the bangles Don gave me which I can no longer get off without cutting which I refuse to do - but then I look awful sneaky i guess with my greying roots...
    The police should have been there as soon as the cameras picked up the groups comming in this would not happen in the US.

  7. Ice hockey Raelene. The mind boggles.

    Any sane person would have Victor.

    US customs terrifies me Ann. I hear bad story after bad story. You are so right about Armaguard.

    Agree Jayne. No great loss.

    Donut patrol of course Anon.

    Clearly you are a suspicious character MC. Your file is marked.