Monday, July 26, 2010

That's a bad Germany

In the nineties when we were renovating our house in Glen Iris and Tradie Brother was doing the work, I used to deliberately annoy him by putting dance music, you know techno, house, all that stuff, playing on the radio. I think it was broadcast by ABC JJJ.

Anyway, of course Tradie Brother detested dance music and wanted to listen to his own Tradie Radio Station. I don't know what the Tradie Radio Station is, but they all seem to like the same one and like it loud. What a vile racket, punctuated by blaring ads.

I still like dance music which seems pretty silly for someone my age. I can put headphones and be transported to another place by the music, something no other music does for me, well classical a bit. Back into about 1997 I heard about Berlin's Love Parade mega dance party. I imagine everyone takes Ecstasy, love each other to bits and have a fine old dance. It has a strong gay following of course and one year I looked at it quite some depth. In the late nineties it was attracting crowds of one million people. Extraordinary. Because of the numbers, it had to be moved from Berlin to an industrial area.

So, from one very big love in dance music festival, this year it has turned into a tragedy. C'mon Germany. This is very bad. What were authorities doing that they allowed such dangerous crowd control procedures? You are not a third world country. You have the resources and talent to manage such situations. Very poor and very sad for the friends and families of those killed, including one Australian.


  1. I cried when I read about all the deaths at Love Parade. However I don't agree that they should ban such events, we should LEARN and never make such mistakes again.

    And I'm with you on the dance music thing, who needs drugs huh!

  2. Yep Fen, better management. Um, I may like the music but I would need something to go for a couple of days.

  3. Yeh so would I nowadays. But back in the day, quite often it was all pure adrenaline of my own kind.

  4. Ok, I forgot what it was like to be young.