Friday, July 23, 2010

A Sunday Stroll

Last Sunday we took a walk along Queensberry Street.

What is this thing called? MMTB, Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Maybe an electric substation, maybe an old cable tram engine/winding house. I don't think it is used for either purpose now. Probably apartments.

State Primary School number 2365, year 188? I don't think it is now a school. Probably apartments.

An interesting bit of modern architecture in the background. Probably apartments.

Quite a conventional University of Melbourne building, but more interesting modern architecture next to it. Probably apartments.

How useful it was in London and Paris to have street names on buildings. You knew exactly where to look. There are still some remaining buildings within the Melbourne environs that have street names on them, with useful information such as street numbers. An old pub, not apartments per se, but backpacker accommodation.

This rather hit us in the eye. It is on the site of what was Carlton and United Breweries, a bomb site for more than a decade. I think it is the recently completed very energy efficient office building built by the shy and retiring developer company Grollo. But I could be wrong. Perhaps it is apartments.

We were standing at the tram stop to go back into town and R pointed at this tyre service company. Do you recall what it was, R asked me. I thought for a minute and I did remember, although it took two days for the name to come to me. R could not remember the name. If you are gay or maybe not even if you are gay, and were around in 1980, do you know what it was and what is was called? Corner of Queensberry and Swanston Streets, Carlton. I don't think googlies will help you. I only found two links and both referred to a person who worked there and who had died.


  1. I used to take Queensberry Street to work years ago and the GroCon building wasn't there there then, although I'm pretty sure the bomb site was. Looks like I'll have to take another stroll along there some time. I guess that also means I'll have to stop for lunch in Errol Street. Hard life, right?

    Speaking of apartments... My housemate own one along Queensberry Street. I'll have to point it out to you one day and you can tall me what used to be there!

  2. Regarding street signs.

    Signage in Sydney is appalling. You often travel across multiple blocks without any signage and where signage is provided it can be difficult to locate and as often as not is unreadable at night.

    As for house and building numbers...well good luck finding them.

  3. Love the 6th photo, it's almost a B/W with bright colours added.

  4. I turn left at that second last photo 4 nights a week, that's how I know where to turn, coz inevitably I'm not paying that much attention!!

  5. Mutant, I am not even sure if the GroCon building is open. I am not at all familiar with Queensberry Street though. I do remember when the beer delivery trucks used to pull out into Swanston Street from the brewery.

    I noticed that Victor. Ours is not bad, but city building numbers are often bad, especially the smaller places.

    Hi Peter. If you think it is a good photo, it was pure luck.

    Fen, I made assumptions about where your workplace is located, wrongly.

  6. I have seen some of these buikldings but having them described makes them much more interesting

  7. Thanks MC. It was an accidental walk, but a pleasant and interesting one.

  8. Lincoln Square it is, but shhhh that's top secret!!

  9. Actually the old school is now one of the children's centres for Melbourne Uni, the old tramways building I think still might be some kind of substation, it definitely isn't apartments, probably owned by either Melbourne Uni or Rmit like most stuff round this area. The spotty building is the new Melbourne Uni economics building called 'The Spot' but I prefer to call it the 'Big Cow'. The colourful one is the 'Pixel Building' and it is commercial.
    Oh and the one next to the boring red brick Melbourne Uni building is to be the new Education Faculty building for Melbourne Uni from the end of the this year.

  10. What a font of information you are Katya, thanks. Seems like tertiary institutions have the area pretty well wrapped up. I quite liked the look of the Big Cow.