Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Refugees

I am sick to death of hearing about refugees. There is a queue of them and did I hear we take in 137,000 a year. Australian doesn't need nor can cope with such a population explosion as our immigration program is bringing in people. I would cut the refugee number by a small amount, and reduce general immigration hugely. Let us start with the Kiwis who can just come here and stay and what about the English? Kiwiland and the Old Dartland are nice places. Why do we need to overcrowd our country with people from there? I won't even mention the numbers of people who are here from the subcontinent.

To use the pejorative word, illegals, arrive in planes all the time. They are either caught later or immediately intercepted or stay underground. Now a respected English banker in Mauritius, a non blood relative of R's was locked up in Villawood and subsequently deported. So she should have been. She overstayed.

I live on an island called Australia. We will decide who comes here. (it rather sickens me to quote John Howard). All this rubbish about offshore processing to prevent refugees from accessing our courts is nonsense. It can be up to them, sent back home, or a secondary processing country or a processing place in Australia, but that all it is in Australia, a process for determining their status. If they are found to be genuine refugees, then they go to a position within the queue of refugees and to whatever country will accept them.

The so called Australian refugee crisis is one of the worst aspects of Australian politics I have ever seen and we seem to get sucked in by it all.

As for PM Gillard's bad day over the matter, clearly she has not offered East Timor enough money and ET is playing hard ball. Why would they not? Disappointing moment number one for Gillard. I thought she was politically smarter and would have offered ET good inducements to say the right words.


  1. Martin1:56 am

    That would be more like 13,000 refugees a year rather than 130,000 (and that would include all the legals and the illegal plane arrivals and overstayers later granted refugee status).

  2. Anonymous8:24 am

    It's just the normal fear campaign before an election that the former 'Old Bastard' of a PM loved to use.

    Come on you stupid Pollies we are not that dumb.

    I can feel a donkey vote coming on.

  3. "Over the last ten years, approximately 13 000 places have been granted under Australia’s Humanitarian Program each year" - page 9.

    It goes on to say that in 2008-09, just 19% of those were "onshore applicants" (including those who arrived by boat).

    Big fuss over a tiny proportion of people.

  4. This article in today's SMH is relevant.

  5. I'm also disappointed with Julia. I thought she'd have more sense than to blurt out a half-formed idea. We have so much space in Australia we could eaily house ptoblems ourselves. Anyway, more come in by plane and our problem is nothing like Malta's!But vote-catching always heads for the lowest common denomenator.

  6. My mistake Martin, thanks.

    Hmm Daniel. 13,000, perhaps equally divided between Sydney and Melbourne, is not a huge number, but enough I think. It is the total immigration figure that needs rethinking.

    Thank you Victor. Most helpful.

    Hi RR, welcome. Yes, disappointment is my main emotion. Didn't take long.

  7. Anon, I feel most of us are that stupid.

  8. another Melbourne blogger I read, just said "6,500 applications per year" and gave a link for the source. I am thinking we have to suspect all the numbers quoted on this issue, as we do the supposed '100,000 abor*tions per year'. Although, if that Abbott number is true, at least it makes that much room for some Reffos.

  9. Numbers, statistics and lies. Treat them all cautiously. I haven't heard Reffos used for years.

  10. Anonymous6:27 pm

    I would rather have a straight, hardworking, charitable refugee live next door to me anyday than Highriser.

  11. I'm old enough to use Reffos dear Andrew.
    I'm not averse to accepting all refugees, but R.H.Anonymous (above) dear? How hard does one have to work to afford Your postcode?
    What job would that be?
    All the refugees I know, work night shift at the sawmill and the abbatoirs.
    and 'straight'? - many refugees are 'bent' and fleeing from serious, fatal persecution in countries still socially Medieval.

  12. Normally I would delete the comment Ann, but as you responded, he should try getting up at 3 in the morning and going to work, or getting home from work at 3 in the morning. For twenty years I did that six days a week before I stopped and only now do it five days a week. He should try doing that day in day out for thirty plus years. I never begrudge my taxes paying for pensions so that his ilk can survive at least. And at last he has made his homophobia clear. Now he can just bugger off. I don't care and I am not interested and, I have no problem about Australia taking in refugees, just the numbers of immigrants and balancing numbers from areas. The first generation is always hard working. It tends to a bit wrong with the next.

  13. oh gosh darling - delete mine too - I am not touchy. I guessed who it was and had to wade in.
    and delete this. the subscribers got it all anyhow. mwah mwah
    (i am laptopping my way through Midsomer Monkey Grip)