Friday, July 16, 2010

Re: Wot Station was That?

Yes, Michelle picked it. Rushall Station. I had fifteen minutes or so to spare before the city bound train was due to arrive so I took a look around. Only four kilometres from the city and what a pretty little area. Firstly I saw this footbridge. I must investigate.

I walked halfway across the bridge to take some photos. It is not a very attractive bridge, but all walking bridges over rivers or creeks are nice and I imagine this one is very important for train commuters.

I guessed, later confirmed, that I was looking down at Merri Creek. It flows in a south easterly direction and joins the Yarra River just above Dights Falls. A bike bath runs along much of its length. The creek rises somewhere east of Kilmore and was once somewhat of an industrial sewer as it flowed through Melbourne's factory blighted northern suburbs. Both governments and volunteers have made a decent effort with remedial works. Looking towards the east.

Looking towards the west.

Some evidence of recent reasonable rain and stream flow.


  1. I love being able to stop on a bridge out near Beechwood (NSW) and watch the Hastings river both sides - sometimes I get to stop there whent aking the cats out there to be minded by the cat lady, but too foten there is a car (usually 4wd) pushing me along -
    The station is so Australian looking

  2. It might be a nice little spot but Rushall is along probably the single *least* nice train journey you could go on.

    Unless you wanted to buy something in the Preston Market I can't see why you'd ever want to go on that line.

  3. Hidden little pocket of nice rubbing up against harsh urban reality.

  4. OH, i came to comment on the crime in Japan post and it was gone! Did someone steal it?!

  5. MC, something special about bridges.

    Jayne, reminds me when you walked along the creek near you.

    Somebody, I have been on it a few times. I think the Werribee line is worse.

    Sorry Fen, I accidentally published before it was finished. It will be up at 8.00 Sat.

  6. Hello 'Somebody' - Andrew is right.
    Werribee line is totally revolting.
    The highlight is the rogue sculptures 'Cratemen' where the line crosses a swamp. Cratemen is google-able BTW.

    In other Transport related news:
    via Normblog - The dog stays -
    'A report from today's Sunday Times (subscription required) casts an interesting light on another issue that has been in the news lately:

    The transport minister has intervened to stop guide dogs and their blind owners from being ordered off buses because Muslim drivers or passengers consider the animals unclean."

    ... and they wonder why we loathe them.

  7. Cratemen is great. I just noticed that the original was in Richmond and is still there, but not visible from the train. Re the dogs, disgraceful and it happens here too.