Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puzzling Electronics

Remember last week when I was complaining about the lounge room pvr not showing the new ABC News 24 in spite of me rescanning many times? Problem solved in a very weird manner and no end of botheration.

I thought I was doing the right thing. I rescanned R's bedroom pvr for stations and his machine brought up ABC News 24 on channel 24. I clicked away and checked the other stations and there was a problem. Some weren't showing or showed briefly and then went off or some would show strongly at one point then a few minutes later would not show at all. Very odd.

To get the tv wire to R's bedroom originally, I put a splitter inside the wall and ran the wire through the lounge room wall into a plug in the spare bedroom, then ran an exposed wire along the wall to the other side of the room and into another plug, through the wall into R's bedroom and into another plug with again the exposed wire along the wall to the far side of the room and into R's tv.

But the plugs were vulnerable to being knocked and I knew a couple were a bit bent and I had bent them further to make the plugs sit in the sockets securely. One even had the centre co-axial pin receiver broken. I expect the poor reception on R's tv was related to poor contact in a socket. I decided to replace them all and bought new ones the next day. I installed the new ones and although they are almost identical to the old ones, the plugs fit much tighter in the sockets.

Did that fix the problem? No. I rescanned the tv once again and still nothing.

I tried the aerial plug directly into the tv, which I should have done earlier, and the tv worked fine. So the fault is with the pvr. R, is there anything you have saved that is a must see? I will do a reset and what you have saved may be lost. The programs weren't lost actually, only settings and pre programmed recordings. AND the problem was fixed. I always forget these pvr machines are computers.

I wondered if it would make the lounge room pvr show channel 24 if I did a reset. Yes it did. It was only about three hours of my life wasted.

Lovely new tight aerial plug. The other plug is for internet or pay tv. It was part of a deal when we connected and the man said we may as well have it. Never used.

This bothersome machine is R's PVR. The one below is the dvd recorder I bought off Ebay. Once I transferred all vids to dvd, it sits unused. Good machine though. Oh yeah, Little Jo watches dvds on it occasionally.

Look, ABC News 24 on the lounge room PVR showing 24. How hard was that. The old VCR sits below. It is connected but never used anymore. The el cheapo dvd player sits below that, used occasionally when Little Jo visits.


  1. I rely on S to tune in these channels, will probably get to see it sometime in the new decade *rolls eyes*

  2. I finally relented and Googled 'pvr' to find out what on earth you have been posting about all this time.

    Until then I had assumed you were referring to a 'vcr'.

    As a Foxtel subscriber I use their IQ2 and my Sony Bravia with all its bells and whistles does the rest.

  3. Ha ha I knew you'd work it out eventually, some way or another!

  4. i think i've said this before. Your house is way too tidy!

  5. now I must share a weird TV-socket story, in this house-sit house I am in (again): a previous winter I had put up the ironing board in the pool room and plugged the iron in; that night, 3 rooms away, the TV would not work. Panic, call repair guy who comes out miles from nearest town.
    Solution: he said "you didn't unplug that socket in the pool room did you?"
    who could know it was crucial to a distant room? Lucky he had been the original installer (or not).

    I am really impressed with your electronic expertise HighRiser.

  6. I know we've been through this before - and look, I'm always thrilled to hear about your technology triumphs - but could you maybe put it in terms I understand?

    I have a TV. Its a colour one, but not a plasmatronicLCDLEDLOLCAT or anything like that. It has a set-top box thing but I have no idea if I get new channels (or anything at all anymore) as its not been turned on since probably January of February.

    I have a DVD player - it plays CDs too (natch) and has some thunmping huge speakers attached. I listen often, but watch rarely. It doesn't play DivX or MP3 or WMP files or anything like that.

    My laptop is held together with electrical tape and hope, with a battery that lasts around 20 minutes. I think most iPodPadPhone things have more memory and faster processors.

    So, does that makes me something like the 21st century equivalent of a luddite?

    Maybe you could just keep telling me about the stuff that's on the telly so that I sound like I know what I'm on about.


  7. Blokes are useful for something then Jayne.

    I have explained it in the past Victor, perhaps I should have again. Yes, more or less the same as Foxtel IQ. My sister has that with her paytv.

    Takes me a while at times Fen, but I end up getting it right. Sleeping on a problem always helps.

    TVAU, it is fortunate that R and I have the same attitude.

    Brownie, sounds like some wiring I might do. Pity he did ask the question over the phone rather than attending.

    Oh Mutant, I just could not live like that. If you need help with some of your electrodes, sing out.

  8. Andrew - Whether Mutant requires your assistance or not, you can play with my electrodes whenever you like (and I do know how to tune my television).

  9. Whatever could you mean Victor?