Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Plant

We haz Cyclamen. R received it as a gift for his birthday in March. After it stopped looking its best inside, we put it out on the balcony. I expected it would soon die. Instead, it has flowered better and better. The colder the weather gets, the better it likes it. I water it about once a fortnight.

A friend from the past asked me why do all gay men like lemon meringue pie? Perhaps the question as to why gay men seem like cyclamens arises too.


  1. why gay men seem like cyclamens?

    Are you suggesting I look better the colder the weather gets and that I have sex once a fortnight?

  2. If you get it once a fortnight Victor, I am impressed given your age.

    James, you're just jealous because my cyclamen is bigger than yours.

  3. I'm neither gay, nor male -- but I adore cyclamens. Just a pity I usually kill them, too. :(

  4. Fen, our windblasted balcony is not usually great for any plant, but the cyclamen has just done so well.

    Ah well TS, things die for me too, but I usually know why.