Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Jo's Birthday

Ah, just got the developed photos back from the chemist. :-P

Sister adapted whatever these were into little cars

Little Jo loves penguins and wanted a penguin cake. Sister obliged. It had melted a little.

Someone's idiot Tradie Brother showed Little Jo how to release balloons into the air and watch them drift away. She wanted to send them all. No, I want to play with some myself tomorrow. Sadly they all went down overnight.


  1. What an absolute sweetie in her birthday dress.

  2. I can't disagree Fen.

  3. What a little cutie... poor penguin looks like it has seen better days...still looks yummy though!

    Out of pure curiosity was the bow tie on the penguin eatable or just for decoration?

  4. Funny you mention that RM. Little Jo picked the bow tie up, licked it clean and put it back so I guess it was of a solid material.