Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life goes on

Wow, it is over two weeks since we returned from Japan. I had the following week off work, as some chill time and it allowed me to find the time to write about Japan.

The weekend before this one just passed was very busy. Friday we caught up with our dyke friends for dinner, as I posted at the time and Saturday night we went for dinner with our brother friends and the NT ex politician and his partner. His partner's special friend turned up with his partner and dined at a separate table. They did come over and speak to us, but dagger like stares were the order of the evening. Apart from that, it was a bit flat.

Now the big day, Sunday, where we were to host Little Jo's birthday, was quite complicated but fortunately simplified itself. Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo were to come here and then go to the football. Sister's team lost by three points, so perhaps is was well that the day altered and we did not end up seeing her.

Then they were to go for dinner with Bone Doctor's parents who had just arrived back from an overseas holiday, then come back here to sleep and the next day have a family party for Little Jo's birthday. But Bone Doctor's parents were too tired for Little Jo's energy and the weather was lousy, so Sister just caught the train up, went to the football and then back home on the train, so it made things all a bit easier.

Sunday morning R and I collected the helium balloons we had ordered and all arrived early afternoon and a grand party it was. Of course Little Jo received many presents, like she needs them, but nothing outrageously expensive. We had spent an hour and half choosing something and ended up buying a box of bits and pieces associated with the movie Toy Story 3. They seemed to amuse and interest her so it was $20 well spent.

Long term readers, can you believe that Little Jo is three years old? Look back at the day she was born and our first sight of her. Although I doubt step father approved of girl on girl action, or my boy on boy for that matter, how he loved Little Jo. Sister has plenty of photos and videos of them together, an especially poignant video of Step Father and Little Jo walking hand in hand after he had showed her the pretty birdies, his budgerigars.

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  1. The time is flying past, soon she'll be in school!
    Lovely that you have momentos for Little Jo to remember Step Father :)