Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Japan Day 11. 30/06

After a bite to eat for breakfast at you know where, we said our goodbyes to V and at 9.00 we were on the Limited Express bound for Hachinohe via Aomori where once again the train changed direction. An hour and half or so later, we changed to the Shinkansen and were bound for Tokyo.

At Tokyo Station we followed the signs and found the Narita Express and after a very short wait the train shot out into the suburbs at a very high speed. We travelled to the airport at Narita, some 7okm away, from the heart of Tokyo in something like forty minutes.

We had a few hours to kill before our flight, but the time passed quickly enough.

We must have been behaving suspiciously as two policemen came and took our passport details. We were quite concerned that we were going to have trouble leaving, but there wasn't.

Our flight left about 8pm without any problems. We had some food and a workmate had given R some relaxing tablets to help us sleep. I barely ever sleep on planes. R took one and relaxed and felt much less wound up. I tried one but it had no effect. After we had eaten and I had drunk two decent sized glasses of red, I tried another pill and I slept the sleep of the innocent, only disturbed by the occasional jab from R to stop me snoring.

I woke as the early breakfast was being served and we soon touched down at the Gold Coast. There was minimum time to wait for our flight back to Melbourne. Taxi home, lovely home.

I got busy at home with sorting things and washing clothes. I thought I was ok, but about 9.30 I fell soundly asleep in front of the tv. It had been a long period of travelling.

Look what we saw 'on test' at Tokyo Station, a brand new Shinkansen with an even pointier nose. Maybe it is for use on the extended service to Aomori. Pretty fair chance.


  1. Nice that you slept!

    I don't do well sleeping on planes usually, but I think we had good sleeping luck on our way back from Hawaii. That was good.

    I liked reading your trip reports. How are you adjusting to being back? Any post-holiday blues, or are you more relieved to be home?

  2. Always glad to get home Dina and slip back into our comfortable ways where we don't have to concentrate on every little thing we do.

  3. I think I'm going to miss hearing about Mr Donut!

    You had one hell of a trip there sunshine, and I have to tell you I'm envious as all hell.

    It's been greating reading all about it and seeing the pictures - but best of all its great to have you home!

  4. *nails Andrew's foot to the floor* :P

  5. Great that you got sleep at all! Exciting much! Love the train pic... a bullet train as Mia says (she calls the V Line express that haha)

  6. You are too kind Monsieur Mutant. In some ways it was harder than even Vietnam years ago, but we were with a tour group for that, albeit a bit of an el cheapo group.

    Happy to have my feet nailed for a while Jayne.

    Cazzie, you haven't travelled fast until you have been on a bullet train. Tell Mia about Uncle Andrew travelling three times faster than V Line express.

  7. Sounds like you and R had a great trip, I enjoyed reading about it. Japan is definitely on my list of countries to go to one day.

    Perhaps the police at the airport were bored?

    So you did a Ben Cousins on the plane on the way back? At least you didn't end up unconscious in Hospital...

  8. Thanks Ben. Japan is a good country, especially for Japanese. I can't help but think that the police were interested for three possible reasons. One, we were there a long time. Two, foreigner details on their paperwork looks good. Three, my behaviour when trying to find the toilets was quite suspicious if we were being watched. I am not the smartest Smartie in the packet, but I am not as silly as Benny. I know what I am doing. Do they sound like famous last words?

  9. wow, that pointy train looks awesome! Jealous.