Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hot As

Man does not live on holidays alone. Check out the New York Gay Pride parade photos at Beauty and the Bum. It is just not fair that guys can look this good. Hang on, I used to (a thunder bolt descends from heaven and strikes yours truly)


  1. Don't get too upset. Maybe he has bad breath!

  2. Ah, it was a great day, the weather was superb!

  3. Indeed Victor, nothing would put me off quicker.

    I would have said Hello Bois Fen, but no matter.

    Brag brag brag Ian. So which float were you on?

  4. Anonymous8:50 am

    Don't worry Andrew they all turn into fat old queens like us in due course.......:)

  5. I was just a punter cheering from he sidelines

  6. Yeah Anon, especially the bulked up ones.


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