Saturday, July 31, 2010


My day off had started very foggy. It remained so all day. Eventually I went out and regretted doing so. It was cold and drizzling and the fog remained. I had suggested to R that we go out for dinner that night, but by the time arrived home, I was over the miserable weather and we agreed to stay in.

Can't even see the Bay.

Someone had attached these butterflies to the Melbourne Cemetery fence. Cute. I have noticed since then that they are slowly disappearing. Two in the afternoon and still foggy. Bah. Later edit: They are all gone now.


  1. That fence inside the railings of the cemetery looks ugly. Is it permanent?

  2. Agreed, Victor, very ugly, bah.
    Probably something to do with the dropkick vandals.
    Or to stop the ancestors from bustin out after spinning in their graves at the state of the joint they left.
    Pretty butterflies.

  3. "Someone had attached these butterflies to the Melbourne Cemetery fence. Cute."

    But a practice condemned by the RSPCA.

  4. Victor and Jayne. It is ugly. I think it is temporary. The perimeter was lines with ugly old cypress trees and I think this fence was put up when the cypress were removed. As you can see, new trees have been planted along the footpath. I am not sure which gate, but in the forties and fifties, men of a certain character were known to associate with each other just inside one of the cemetery gates.

    Funny Brian, you strike me as just the type to stick a pin into a butterfly.

  5. Andrew - perhaps men of a certain disposition regardless of their character?

  6. I'll wear that Victor. Better word.

  7. Andrew, I'd never intentionally harm any animal...unless you count bacon butties as 'causing harm'. (Human beings are not included, of course.)

  8. Anonymous1:42 am

    Cuuute butterflys... yucky fog!
    Cazzie :)

  9. Andrew - yet again you've been skulking around my area, just a block or two away, without letting me know. I'm starting to think you're doing it to taunt me.

    You'll also be pleased to hear (or maybe not) that very few men frequent the cemetery now with the exception of the inmates and those who come to visit them.

  10. So Brian, we shan't talk about pigs spending their lives in tiny cages. I likes me bacon too, but I am not sure that I can like it for much longer.

    Cazzie, you probably slept through the day and missed the miserable fog.

    Mutant, I am not particularly pleased to hear of no action in the cemetery. I rather like he idea of sprogging over graves. Aren't you supposed to be in Clifton Hill by now?

  11. Andrew,

    Round these parts the pigs roam wild. Well, they do when the fence surrounding their field collapses through neglect at any rate...

  12. Foggu old Melbounre hey - looks sort of nice like that but not too good if you are flyin or driving