Friday, July 30, 2010

Doc Martin

The impossibly beautiful Cornish village of Port Isaac where the tv series Doc Martin is set. The show is worth watching just for the scenic shots of the village. I didn't realise a new series of Doc Martin had begun and so we have only seen the last two episodes. On tonight, ABC 1.


  1. Andrew,

    Oh definitely a nice typical North Cornish coastal village and quite similar to places like Penberth Cove and Mullion Cove further South in Cornwall.

    Naturally visitors to Port Isaac have increased since the tv seies. Although they do say that like many villages in Cornwall that it can get a bit quiet there during the Winter months being that many of the cottages are second home owner properties for townies that live outside of the County.

    But that's the magic of Cornwall. Rather than the ever long straight coastal resorts like Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne, Cornwall has a surprise around every corner and Cove.
    I thought that Martin Clunes was quite good in the drama. His character seems incapable of breaking out into a jockular mood which makes him seem even funnier.

    Looking forward to my trip to Newquay Cornwall on Saturday. A great fun place although not as peaceful and sedate as the beautiful West Cornwall area known as Penwith, with St Ives being the best resort in the whole County!


  2. My cousin was based in Newquay when he was working for the RNLI in 2008 and totally loved the whole place, he's hoping to return there soon.
    Says it has a similar feel to that of the Mornington Peninsula.

  3. It certainly is scenic there. It always amuses how quickly he drives through those narrow streets. I imagine you wouldn't dare drive that fast in reality.

  4. Wow! Impossibly beautiful is right. I could watch that show for its setting alone, even if it were crap, which it's not.

  5. Thanks David. I recall looking up St Ives for some reason. It did look very nice.

    Jayne, similar to Mornington Peninsular? I guess in some ways it could be.

    And in his very flash car Victor. I forget what it is, but it looks nice.

    Lad, and isn't the film work just brilliant.

  6. Anonymous1:43 am

    Gorgeous scenery indeed. I wish I were there right now!

  7. Yep Cazzie, it actually looks warm and sunny.