Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Digital Tv

I was recently very surprised to hear that you need a high definition digital tv to view high definition digital tv broadcasts. Just call me dumb. Both our digital tvs and pvrs have been HD, so I just assumed that if you didn't have HD and only standard definition, that the channel would still work, just not with the same quality picture. I was wrong.

With our old crt non digital television we once tried a digital set top box. I couldn't get it to work properly and we took it back to the store. I have since learnt they we should have paid more and bought a decent one. But it would have been standard definition and I wonder how many standard definition digital tvs and set top boxes are out there? Not too many I would hope as I understand ABC's new News 24 will be broadcast only in HD and so if you don't have an HD set or HD digibox, then you won't receive it at all. This seems very unfair to viewers who don't have HD, but perhaps there are not very many of them.

As for the merits of HD, well, SD broadcasts on our present tv are vastly superior to HD broadcasts on our three yearold HD tv, so I am not too fussed about HD. It seems to more to do with the quality of the tv and the rapidly advancing standards.

Regardless, good luck to ABC News 24. It debuts tomorrow night, Thursday on channel 24. I wonder how it will be abbreviated? 24? News 24?

We don't watch a lot of the alternative digital tv stations, but at times we come across some gems, well R does as he is inclined to lie in bed and channel hop, something neither of us ever dare do when we are both watching tv.

Although it was later on ABC1, the wonderful Beautiful People was first shown on ABC2. Skins was very earthy and entertaining.

At the moment we never miss The Street, among the finest tv drama I have ever seen.Catch it Tuesday night, ABC2. It is gritty and you will feel their pain.

While I don't watch daytime tv, I do at times watch recorded tv during the day. I switched off something I had just finished watching to see the end credits rolling for The Lucy Show. I used to love it as I did Green Acres, but they are shows best not revisited. I watched Lucy the following day and maybe it was just a crook episode, but it did not hold up well, and I expect it had been butchered to pieces as it only ran for twenty two minutes, including ads.

The extra commercial channels offer little that appeals, except one quite funny show on 99 called The Inbetweeners, essentially about a group of four boys who are always trying to get laid. The characters are just so strong and well developed that the light subject matter does not matter. Give it a shot. You won't believe what they get up to at times.

Have you found any little gems on the extra channels that you can direct me to?


  1. Dad keeps finding little gems on random channels as he surfs through a gazillion channels in 5 mins but I couldn't for the life of me tell you what, where or at which time.

  2. I enjoyed The Inbetweeners and Beautiful People. My current favourite on the digital channels is Community on Go!
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. ABC2 has a number of gems including obscure Canadian comedies that I enjoy.

    I first saw The Street on Foxtel a year or so ago, it is an excellent series and concept.

    I didn't realise there was anything new worth watching on Go (Channel 99). I'll have to check out The Inbetweeners.

  4. i have enjoyed seeing Here's Lucy on GO... this was the series I spent many afternoons after school watching... and I find I still enjoy it now. Maybe you just stumbled on a dud episode?

    Am also loving The Amazing Race reruns on 7TWO. And GO has a good movie every now and then.

  5. No abbreviations in the title from the ABC's perspective, apparently.

    Apparently Sky has the copyright on "News 24" so the ABC will always be calling it "ABC News 24".

  6. Jayne, and who said old people don't adapt to new technology?

    J Bar, we will take a look at Communication. I bet R knows about it already.

    Canadian comedy Victor? I am sure there is some, but I haven't stumbled across any yet.

    TVAU, it could be more that my memories of Here's Lucy painted it as better than what it was. I will give it another shot. Btw, just noticed, your tenth anniversary. Splendid effort.

    James, so it will be the people's choice then. I fear Sky may have been wasting their money on court cases when the people will call it what they want.

  7. And further James, this morning ABC Melbourne's Jon Faine used News 24 when referring to the new station.

  8. The In Betweeners was originally shown on ABC or SBS, before it made its way to GO! Skins is coming back, I've seen ads for it on SBS.
    I can't pick up any ABC's 95% of the time, it's pissing me orf. I must have a HD TV coz I can get all the HD channels, though I've favourited them out coz there are too many on the list!

  9. Well Fen, not sure how we missed In Betweeners when it was on ABC. R will pleased about Skins returning. That is no good about no ABC. Must be fixable. Sometimes you can turn the aerial and improve the ABC at the expense of a commercial one.

  10. From the SMH: News is generally the least likely of programs to be screened in HD, and much of what appears on News 24 will be converted to HD from SD rather than shot in HD.

    I would call that a fail for Sky.

  11. ABC 2 is the reason I first bought a set top box four years ago. I could list so many shows on ABC2. Being Human was a good one. A more current one is the quirky Clone. The Goodies are on ABC2 8pm Monday night. Can't wait for that.

    I find that SBS2 often has some good subtitled films on. 7two and Go! also sometimes show some good movies, they also show a lot of ordinary ones too.

    My nieces favourite show is "Tribe" on ABC3. Perhaps not your cup of tea, I know I find it boring. It is a kids drama from New Zealand set in a post apocalyptic world where no one lives over 30. She loves it.

  12. Ben, Being Human rings a bell. I'll ask household management what he knows of the others. I was never a Goodies fan though.