Thursday, July 29, 2010


With the clever title, Yes We Canberra, the Chaser lads have done what I didn't think they could, that is present themselves as new and fresh. The idea to connect it as a lead in to Lateline was inspired and the whole show was hoot. Apparently the show rated its socks off. It will certainly have not done Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop's career any harm. Very funny.

Well done lads and well done ABC.


  1. I'll have to catch up with this on iView.

  2. I preferred Gruen Nation (and 'yes', maybe it had something to do with Will Anderson being the host).

  3. Julie Bishop was a good sport although the garden gnomes will be revolting (oh, how very revolting those little pipsqueaks can be).

  4. Worth the effort Fen.

    Will is delicious AR. I think terrible thoughts about him. Btw, as well as getting your mug in the newspaper, I spied you at Fed Square a couple of weeks ago from a tram.

    Jayne, I dare not say anything about gnomes as Lord Sedgwick is rather fond of them.

  5. I thought the War On Everything got incredibly stale and predictable towards the end, but they've done very well with this new show. Agree with you that the Lateline/Chaser crossover is both hilarious and well done.

  6. And Andy, only four or five episodes and that is enough.


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