Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catching up with mates

It was nice to catch up with our dyke friends, a couple, last night. We exchanged holiday news, they had been to Bali, and it was just the four of us at a very nice restaurant called Arabesque in Carre Street Elsternwick, and while it was not particularly cheap, the food was very nice and the service great. The wine flowed and the conversation was good. Since the four of us brought our individual wine bottle along, the corkage was high at $8 a bottle. Learning lesson, share with friends, except we all ended up with a little bit left in our respective bottles.

Oh look, at the end of the street Officeworks now occupies the site where the, surely almost the last, Coles variety store was. The 'notorious' underground lavvy known as the thirty nine steps in the opposite side street has been concreted in and only an above ground stainless steel lav tells of its history. And who was that cute dark haired, somewhat nerdy, and slightly exotic looking boi who worked in Hattams next door to the Coles variety store? I didn't think he would amount to much. Just another kid serving in a shop.

First class service by the route 67 tram, there and back. On time, every time.

Jayne, is Hattams in Oakleigh still there?


  1. Elsternwick is the only Hattams left, after the Hampton shop closed a few years ago.

  2. Ah, the dark hair boy. There are hardly any shops like that around anymore. Pity, but I guess they became un-economic.

  3. They are being decimated by the big chains. Why would you pay them $125 for a plaid wool dressing gown when Target have a fuzzy poly one for $39?
    Country towns still manage to keep these old-style stores going. In Colac the 'Ray Croft' store is huge and wonderful for the sheer variety of stock, and the facade is a nice bit of black tile and chrome art deco too.
    $8 corkage? cripes, by four!

  4. Yeah Ann, the way of the world really. Upon sober reflection, that was an outrageous price. The owner says that for a group, whatever that is, he charges it per person. A group is clearly more that four. We probably won't go back there for that reason alone. It would have nearly been cheaper to buy the wine there.

  5. Sad to note the take over of the cheap chain stores in Castlemaine where the likes of Hattams and individual shoe stores once reigned.
    Mass produced everywhere.

  6. Relentlessly march on Jayne.

  7. Speaking of which, Forges of Footscray (the western arm of Dimmeys) is closing.

  8. I am not so aware of the history of Dimmeys, but Forges has a very long and proud history and was a favoured store of the western district squatocracy.