Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC News 24

A blog mate informed that Murdoch's Sky TV took our ABC to court to prevent ABC from using News 24, hence it ABC News 24. ABC's Melbourne resident morning broadcaster Jon Faine has almost been around long enough to be referred to as venerated. Almost. Your Sydney Morning Herald is a half decent newspaper. Both Faine and SMH have referred to the new ABC channel as News 24. While the ABC can't officially use News 24, it seems like Sky pissed a good bit of money up the wall as the people are naming the channel as they want.

My thoughts on the new channel, News 24, good, except....

What is this standing up presenter thing? Ridiculous. Ali Moore looks gorgeous on standard definition tv, when sitting at a desk. Not so in high definition and standing. How uncomfortable she and her grey haired co presenter looked. Please ABC, buy them a chair each. Speaking of the grey haired bloke, who is he? I know who most ABC people are, but who is he and where did he come from?

Well, that was just for the opening segment, I hope.

I have rescanned our pvr many times but ABC News 24 remains firmly rooted at ABC 20 and not 24. It is a moot point as it works fine. I rescanned R's bedroom pvr and it brought up 24 straight away. How odd.


  1. They were discussing the standing thing & the HD thing on Red's program the other morning. Standing just sounds a bit odd to me.
    I'll have to reserve judgement for a time when the winds are blowing right and I pick it up again!!

  2. We have BBC News 24 over here, of course. Five minutes of news stretched over twenty four hours...sometimes longer. They have correspondents in the Middle East, in Zimbawe, name it...except for the north west of England. When Fleetwood pier burnt down they had to request on air for people to send in footage because there was nobody close enough to film it. How remote can we get, I wonder?

  3. Sounds like Sky are pretty much stuffed, they will find it difficult to compete with a free service. News 24 will enter common usage to mean the ABC channel and there is nothing Sky can do about it.

    As to the actual channel number. The HD LCD TV in the lounge is like yours and firmly stuck on 20. I rescanned the SD set top box on the old TV and it detected it as 24. The SD box can't display the HD channels, but knows they are there. And we are only using the SD box because the HD one stopped working.

  4. Maybe when it is raining Fen.

    Agree Brian. Very poor. It's your accents.

    Ben, I don't actually know anyone who watches Sky. As for 20/24, we have had developments. There is whole new post there for me to write.

  5. I hope it turns out to be as interesting and non-repetitive as ABC News Radio. And I agree, sit the presenters down. It's not speech night, for chrissakes.

  6. So far so good Lad. There is some repetition, but the news is fresh and many interesting stories from overseas. Hehe, speech night. You are so right.