Friday, June 11, 2010


Dare I do it? The first time I changed my blog template, the one that is not archived at Pandora, I was warned that there could be dire consequences. Loss of format, loss of links, loss of everything. Pfft, into thin air.

From what I can see, this change will require a little re-arranging to return things to how I like them, but not too much. Gay men are always so stylish, and once one mentioned that my blog looked a little dull, I have been thinking about changing it....and procrastinating about it.

Deep breath, pinch nose and here we go. Geronimo!!!

Later edit: Err, I look unbalanced. Worry about it manana.


  1. Hey brave man you did it! I did it too and without a back-up - thank God it worked out! Also feeling sad about the inventors - I think he was framed!

  2. Like the new look! The background is cool :)

  3. Anonymous12:38 am

    Ohh la la.. I like it. :)

  4. ooh not bad at all, looking lovely.

  5. The Collector may not have been framed but probably was dobbed in. And why wouldn't you ...

    It is always a major angst to change layout. I have done it a few times but not recently. I simply want the cleanest lines I can manage.

    Somehow I don't think you are finished here yet.

  6. The new format is lovely - very clean and fresh and I love the new background.

  7. One thing about computers and the net Cheryl, things do generally get better. I think the police would have moved very cautiously, given the impact on him.

    Ta Jayne, TVAU, Cazzie and Fen.

    Certainly haven't finished Julie. It will take some fiddling.

    Thanks Altissima.

  8. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Nice photos - are you using a DSLR, or just know how to take good photographs - me, I mastered the flat B&W print eons ago, so gave up.

    The post modern 1989 thing - looks like it would be a GREAT place to put BIG microwave antennas on top of...even got a real stairway to it, that would be nice. Dont fall as gracefully as I once did...sigh....(yeh, lousy grammar, but hey..)

    The new look? - does it matter? - the content matters most. Just dont go for the Barbie Pink background, thats all I ask.


  9. Thanks Michael. Just an ordinary digital camera. I try a bit to take good photos, but don't put much effort into it. The microwave antenna would blend right in. I have said the same about the appearance not mattering, but I like it to look ok.

  10. Anonymous6:07 pm

    V. nice!