Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Walking

I was on my way to St Kilda by tram. The tram had few spare seats so I took a sideways seat next to a youngish man. Beside me were two young lasses. Oh dear, body odour. Who is the culprit? Not an overseas student to be seen and perhaps unfairly to blame. Help! It's not me is it? No, can't be. I was just out of the shower less than an hour ago. I put on a clean shirt. But I was full of self doubt. Could the shirt have been mixed up with dirty shirts and so it wasn't a clean shirt? No, I am a very experienced washerwoman. I haven't even done anything to raise a sweat.

The young man left the tram and the smell disappeared, much to my relief. The expedition was to take a podcast guided walk around St Kilda. I took the walk and plan on posting some photos of what I saw and snapped, but here are a few ancillary shots.

I was waiting at the tram stop when an old tram passed by. The only old trams we usually see in our street are the restaurant trams. Some are very nostalgic about them. I just find them slow and noisy.

The clock tower on The Esplanade. The clock broke a while back and when staff arrived to repair it, they refused to proceed as it was infested with rats, so exterminators had to be called first. This all took more than a year, I think. It was out of action for a long time.

Looking out to Port Phillip Bay from Alfred Square.

The podcast said that there would be Rainbow Lorikeets at this address, and sure enough, there was a mass of them. Most flew away when I approached with the camera. Pretty as they are, gosh they make a racket. I don't think hibiscus and oleander are their natural habitats.


  1. Well . .. so much for nostaglic trams!

  2. Only Sydney trams Julie. Not so much for the vehicles themselves but more their usage, areas they served, the building and then closing...yeah, the history of the Sydney tram system.

  3. I find the trams here in Helsinki interesting. They are a lot narrower than the trams in Melbourne, they dont smell bad, and they are free from graffitti!

  4. "but here are a few ancillary shots."

    Thanks for not posting the ancillary odours.

    (Mind you, the difference between cheap underarm deodorant and B.O. is cigarette paper thin.)

  5. Great pics Andrew. Sad about that smelly guy, there is just no way to tell people without it sounding rude is there? I have often washed people who are resting in bed (Doctor's orders) for treatment..even at night time, just because of ..odour. It helps them relax and sleep better anyway..and makes nursing them more of a pleasure too :)

  6. Yes, those birds are enough to drive a suburb to drink lol.
    Looking forward to the full catastrophe :)

  7. That blog title is totally misleading!!!

    False advertising!!

    I want my money back!

  8. Oh Cazzie, I just don't want to think about what smells you come across. I just upped your pay.

    Jayne, pretty people are often loud and squawky too.

    What DA? I can still catch someone with my subject line?

  9. AR, just another reason why we should always look closely at what is happening in Scandinavia.

    Ah LS. I know which I prefer.

  10. Thanks for the tour...I have seen some of those places...not the house with the rainbow lorikeets though...I do love melbourne and if only my eldest daughter would move there - I'd be there like a flash...booth want me to move near them - I say no claoser that ten miles apart to allow each of us privacy as well...but I can't choose between will stay here...and am listening to the rainbow lorikeets as I write

  11. The fifties brick veneer does rather stand out in the area MC. You sure about Melbourne? It has been a cold week.

  12. there are huge flocks of rainbow lorikeets in a Surrey Hills park, adjacent to a cricket ground near Riversdale Rd. I house-sat there and it was the off-leash place for walking the dogs, that's why i don't recall the exact address.
    You haven't heard 'noisy' till you have seen a giant flock of cockies hit a freshly ploughed paddock.

  13. Ann, even here, an occasional flock of cockies fly past and they are LOUD.