Thursday, June 17, 2010

St Kilda Walk 3/3

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Stop 11. Opposite number 8A, St Leonards Avenue. House built in 1870 for the manager of the Bank of Victoria. A classic Queen Ann style house. The mentioned stylised tulip fence work surely must be a replacement. These properties are built on the grounds of another demolished mansion, St Leonards.

Walk back along St Leonards Avenue towards Acland Street. Here is the mentioned vicarage, built before 1855.

Stop 12. Stop outside the vicarage opposite number four Opposite at number 6 is a block of flats called Del Marie. Very nice looking Art Deco flats of a nautical style and very well soundproofed inside.

Stop 13. Classic Californian Bungalow style at Number 4.

Walk back to Acland Street to number 43.

Stop 14. Aston Court. Mediterranean architecture. Within the building is an original single storey Indian bungalow called Raj Putana?

Walk along Acland Street past number 45, Acland Hill, a stark block of flats and an early example of international style architecture. Amazingly it was built in 1939! Walk on to number 26, Linden.

Stop 15. Linden is a council owned art gallery. Internally intact and most of it is open to the public.

Move on to the corner of Robe Street. On the opposite side of the street from Linden is Halcyon.

Stop 16. Halcyon is boom style Victorian and only 16 years younger than the much more restrained Linden.

Well, that is the end of the tour. Remember this is really for people who can't get to take the St Kilda walk and to be used in conjunction with the audio tour to show the mentioned properties. You will see a lot more and get a better feel by taking the walk.


  1. You're definitely inspiring a few hours walking around those streets :)
    Linden is easy on the eye, shall be snapping madly that day ;)

  2. nice, nice, nice

  3. Daddy Cool Ross Wilson lived at Aston Court in 1995 when I was in St.Leonards.

  4. Wonderful, Andrew. Linden Gallery have a postcard design competition each year, I believe. I think from the smorgasbord I would pick Halcyon to move into straight away, but then again maybe an oceanic flat at Del Marie would be a better fit. Sigh.

    P.s I like the new blog look, Andrew. Very nice.

  5. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Thank you for making me appreciate parts of my city even more, Andrew.

    Is it just me or does Raj Putana sound vaguely rude?

  6. Jayne, I am gay so of course I will go with the over the top decoration at Halcyon.

    Thanks Ian. I reckon Girl in Melbourne are enough words for you to find her. She has recently visited NYC and posted some wonderful photos. Of course I know the iconic buildings, but some of the less well known older ones are stunning.

    Ann, Daddy Cool, goofy silly songs, but I always like Ross Wilson. Did you ever share a tram hanging strap with him?

    LiD, even it we could combine our resources to buy Halcyon, we could not afford to staff it. Del Maria is a better option. The description of it in the podcast was enchanting. Do take a listen, it is about 3/4 of the way through.

    MD, I think it might be the Putana part that sounds a bit rude. As you are so close, take the walk on a nice day. It is a pleasant stroll and interesting too.

  7. Yes, I think that Halcyon will ever remain only a dream house to me. And as you say, the work to keep it looking just so would be phenomenal. Will take a listen to the podcast! Must get down to St Kilda again too.

  8. The local tourist board should be paying you a retainer..... You have got me wanting to come and explore your fair city!!

  9. Thanks KN. Posts like that take a lot of time to compose, so it is nice to hear words of encouragement. You should come to Melbourne. I like my city, in parts. Sadly I cannot offer you accommodation as the spare room is reserved for relatives...oh, you are. There you go, you are most welcome. Seriously, if you would like somewhere to stay if you were in Melbourne... I am not as bad as I paint myself.

  10. Again such beautiful places. Ali took me for a walk and a drive around the orrong rd area of Armadale faces pressed up against the large grill gates at mansions and many of the, amazing

  11. Now I do know of that blog Girl in Melbourne and it is not in my Google reader, tho have now fixed that, tho I will say she has traveled some distance around New York, golly, I must get out more.

  12. Armadale is a pretty expensive area. Were you inclined to spell it Armidale?

    NY looks fantastic Ian, but also frightens a boi like me from little old Melbourne.

  13. rajpootana was what was on the land before aston court

  14. Thanks John. I almost had it right. So you haven't happened to come across a photo of the original building?

  15. plenty of results at good old Trove.
    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Friday 15 March 1867 p 6 Article
    ... Acland-street', St Kilda, where an English gentleman, of almost life- long Indian experience, anil known to our ... European origin. " Rajpootana," as the house is called, has derived its appellation from that North ... so that the roof let in rain like a sieve. It was then that the designer of Rajpootana showed that

  16. Em Stacks, your stalking ability amazes me. My blog is what takes up my time. Everything else is secondary. I will have a look in time. John Cocks specialises in old St Kilda photos.

  17. I know he does and I was having a wonderful time with his facebook page which suddenly disappeared one day.

    My stalking made Lesley Cannold happy this week. She was not able to find a downloadable pdf of an obscure but oft-referenced research paper and I did it in 3 minutes.