Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random Bits

Is it wrong to wallow in nostalgia? It was TVAU wot done it. Queenie Ashton. Suppose she is dead. I am sure we were appropriately informed at the time. Fine actor. I don't think it was her, but who played Mrs (Grace?) Falconer in Matlock Police?

For a time in Australia when Bryan Brown was omnipresent in Australian movies and tv shows, so was Nigel Havers in British tv shows and movies. He has disappeared from our screens. Is he dead too?

John Mangos on Graham Kennedy's Coast to Coast. Kinda attractive at the time. He was quoted, “I idolised Graham. He was my boyhood hero and that’s why i left the States." Mangos was American?

Linda Cropper. Fantastic actor. What happened to her?

Where is the Australian website, 'Whatever happened to ...'


  1. If Queenie Ashton is still alive, she'd be over 100 and I remember Matlock Police but Mrs Falconer?
    Nigel Havers is a lord, on his umpteenth marriage.
    John Mangos, nice looking but not one to age well.
    Linda Cropper, blonde? Vegan? Loved animals? Marilyn Monroe mole on her face?
    Why do you do this on a Saturday night when you could be out raging?

  2. Good God, Queenie's been dead 11 years.
    Yes, I gurgled to check, thought it was more recent.
    Next you'll want Granny Davis (of the bread fame) and Martha Gardener...or Alan Sssseale for a wild Saturday night's entertainment.

  3. A quick check on IMDB shows that Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth on Prisoner) played Grace Falconer on Matlock Police.

  4. Hey Andrew, thanks for the link :)

    John Mangos was Nine's Los Angeles correspondent at the time he was offered the job to co-host the show next to Graham. I probably should have made mention of that :)

    @Jahteh, I think you might be confusing Linda Cropper for Lynda Stoner. But Linda Cropper was an actress that was everywhere in the late 80s and early 90s, she was in everything but haven't seen her in anything for ages.

  5. Nigel Havers crops up on our screens here in Blighty from time to time...usually in bit parts. He's not dead exactly, just very much out of fashion.

  6. Havers occasionally appears on 'Brothers and Sisters' as a love interest for the family's matriach, Sally Fields.

  7. Jahteh, Mrs Falconer was a rich widow in a big house and often on the phone to police. As TVAU says, Linda Stoner. Remember Palace of Dreams? She played publican Henri Szeps' daughter. It is a long time since I have stayed home on a Saturday night, but as we are going to a Queen's Birthday high tea and Monday, that will be enough socialising for the w/end. John befell the southern Mediterranean fate.

    Jayne, we ought not laugh at someone's speech impediment, but we certainly did. Martha, with just her wool mix to remember her by, has gone and so has Granny. Can you still get Granny Davis bread?

    Frank, I knew that, but I had forgotten it. She was younger then and so her face was not matching my last Shelia memory.

    TVAU, so John Mangos was a proper tv reporter. I didn't know that. He was the perfect side kick for Kennedy.

    Brian, he was nice looking when he was young. Must take note as per Victor.

    Really Victor? How come I haven't noticed him. I must pay more attention to the only American tv show I watch.

  8. the 11am news by Mangos and Graham was absolutely wonderful. I loved it.

    Fame is fickle and this week's news re Adriana Xenides is a perfect example of what goes wrong when a 'star' is more falling than shooting.
    Very hard for some to cope, when their name goes off the lists for free tickets to every event.

    I wish I was invited to that High Tea for Her Maj. Look forward to full report re ribbon sandwiches and Pimms.

  9. Havers plays the English architect.

  10. I don't recall that at all Emstacks. Adriana seems to have been a very sad case of a burnt star. High Tea will probably be samosas, chicken tikka, lamington sponge and dev tea. At least the tea will be from a pot.

    Victor, R tells me yes, havers is in Brothers Sisters. What a queer thing.