Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh Dear

When I use the the title Oh Dear, don't you just know it is going to be a sex ridden scandal?

I feel a bit rejected. Not only did my paedophile scout master not molest me but molested others, now I find out my piano teacher is a pedo. Well, when he taught me piano in about 1984, I was in my twenties and of the wrong sex, so I should not take that to heart.

Piano teacher had me prick up my ears. It took me a while for me to remember that the first name was right. I can't recall his family name, except it was something a bit odd, like this guy's name and after I saw his pictures a few times on tv tonight, yes, I can match the face to someone twenty six years ago. I though he might have been a latent homosexual. Never ask me to pick who is a latent.

Creepy, but I found him creepy at the time.

As for the piano lessons, I was doing ok and could badly bash out a tune, my favourite being, because I liked to sing along with it, I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before (My Fair Lady?) ............but piano playing is not like riding a bike.

Oh, I am on holidays. I can be self indulgent. The version I like the best, my shower singing song, has talking before the song, so Eddie Fisher's is the closest to how I like to remember the song.


  1. oh dear ? oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    not 'rejection' but absolute luck for goodness' sakes.

  2. Maybe Ann. I was already very curious and semi hunting by the age of twelve.

  3. Wow, a you tube clip :)
    Thank goodness he kept to himself when you were around. So sad he has ruined lives of others. What a sickness :(