Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh Dear

Well, that is the end of Collectors for the foreseen. Poor R. He quite liked, or is that lusted after, the host and is now is now feeling sorry for himself.

I quote,

'Typical. I have always been so unlucky with men. Just once in my life you would think I could get it right.'

Don't worry about me. Water off a duck's back.


  1. Very disappointing.

  2. What a global village we live in AR. You know about it in Finland before anyone else comments.

    Jayne, R is feeling shattered. I am a bit too. Let the court and jury judge, but his present persona is ruined, guilty or not. I can't imagine that the Feds would have charged him if it wasn't a serious crime.

  3. he has been charged, not tried and not convicted. Do the cops get it right every time?

    I do wish Our Society would get as hysterical over parents who physically bash their children, as they do over 3rd parties who merely gaze upon images.
    I wish the parents of the children in the images were under police surveillance.
    Mind what you all guugle-gaze, the Feds are inside yr puter watching everything you do.

  4. I was completely shocked when I heard this news. I saw him 2 months ago at a comedy festival thing, he wasn't bad at all. *sigh*

  5. I am more sad than disappointed. I agree that he will never be the same in the estimation of the public, innocent or otherwise. I have a friend caught in a similar situation and his life is altered utterly. He is serving 4 years and had been a teacher.

    What must he have been thinking ...

  6. Ann, as usual I agree. Yes, yes and yes.

    Fen, you just never know who.

    Julie, what they are thinking is that the law, somehow, does not apply to them. Extreme arrogance.

  7. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Sad, very sad. I thought he did a good job on The Collectors.

  8. Very sad indeed. How could he.

  9. Hilariously enough one of my 'men of the moment' professed his undying love for Mr. Muirhead just a week earlier. Last night he attempted to distance himself a little.

    I tried to reassure him that this would simply clear the way for him to develop a new celebrity crush - like perhaps on a particular Melbourne blogger with odd facial hair and penchant for flopping his cock out around Australia. Dunno if I succeeded in convincing him though.

  10. Your man of the moment seemingly chose badly Mutant. I am puzzled why I have saved straight guy face photos and not yours from the past with your cock out. Just an observation and don't think I or you will be slapping each others face with our respective members...Ah, well I am up for anything once.

  11. I thought you might post on this, Andrew.

    Will wait to see what the outcome is. I found it rather interesting that Aunty got rid of all reference to the Collectors immediately, rather than just the individual.

  12. Yes Miss D, the ABC turned KGB as one of my blog linkees said. I think there must have been an existing agenda and management seized the scandalous moment to strike. Maybe contracts were being negotiated, the show was very successful, ref: the recent reschedule to Sunday nights that was quickly changed back to Friday after viewer outrage.
    It seems vicious to suddenly dump the other 3 presenters, and cancel all the setups that must have been in place for future shows.
    August is The Appearance, and all hotel rooms in Hobart will be booked out well in advance.
    Does everyone know that the guy Hobart is named for, pronounced his name 'hubbard'. thought not.
    Muirhard scuppared in Hubbard.

    2. some clever TAFE needs to start a one-topic IT course 'How to strip clean your own hard drive before the Feds arrive'.
    I bet Gordon has his buried in the backyard by now.

  13. MD, at a social gathering I was at today, no one seemed very concerned for him or about the offence. What outraged them was that all traces of the tv show have been removed from the ABC.

    Ann, regardless of what happens to him, I see no reason why another person can't host the show. Bury the presenter if they must, but why the show? A one or two week rest would be enough time to sort it out.

  14. Andrew, of course my man of the moment chose badly, he chose me - never a smart option. Meanwhile if you provide the venue I can provide the slap and I'll even let you take as many live action shots as you desire!

  15. Temptation, begone thou.