Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fixing the oil gusher

I am distressed about the oil gushing out of BP's US oil well, polluting the US coastline, polluting the deep sea and killing critters left, right and centre and destroying people's livelihoods. I was even more distressed when I read that the standard for oil wells is an auto shut off, but there wasn't one installed on this rig.

Never mind, the gusher can be sealed easily with the bodies of BP's executives and middle management by stuffing the creeps into the hole from whence the oil is gushing.

The potential for an oil extraction disaster is always there. What were the regulators doing? Unfettered capitalism at work.

Read this and see if you don't agree with me.

It you are feeling that you can't be bothered, maybe the full url will tempt you more. It is an outrage.

Propublica is bookmarked for future reference and think about it before filling your car with BP petrol.


  1. Did you know there was a much less publicized oil spill in Western Australia last August? From what I hear (NOW) it was a pretty big one. But I hardly heard anything about it.

    It's weird how one oil spill gets huge media coverage, and another does not.

    OR maybe it's that I wasn't reading the news in August. Maybe there was a lot of coverage, and I missed it.

    I'm thinking maybe this drilling-for-oil-thing is a huge mistake. I can see the benefits (getting oil) but the risks seem a bit too high.

  2. Best use of a BP executive I've ever heard - bravo!

  3. I'm with Cheryl. An excellent suggestion, Andrew. As for the article - bloody hell!

  4. Dina, if it was off the coast of Nigeria, none of us might hear about it, never mind that it has a similar impact on our planet. We certainly heard plenty about the WA leak. It was similar in so far as safety items to prevent such a catastrophic leak were missing or not working. I suggest a world wide body that can do random oil well inspections and any breach, the well is shut down immediately, wherever it is.

    Glad you approve Cheryl.

    LiD, it takes a bit to shock me, but that was really scary reading.

  5. Was going to mention the multitudes of leaks near Nigeria but you obviously heard the same interview with Red.
    Correct etiquette with BP execs is to make them personally pay compensation to the little people and then stuff 'em headfirst to block the leak.

  6. I didn't hear that actually Jayne, but I have heard about it in the past. Nice idea.

  7. Anonymous11:58 pm

    The only good that could possibly come of it is the Septics start to wake up to themselves. (Faint hope)

    Its a logical extension of the GFC, same mechanisms - dodgy practices, virtually no regulation (dogma of the right. Doesn't work, but since its an article of faith with the Wingers, that doesn't matter)

    Bridge collapses that kill dozens - lack of maintenance since it was "privatised"

    Here, the "privatised" power companies knew you could make a profit for 10 years without doing any real maintenance. Hence, Black Saturday.

    Digital electricity meters and different time tariffs - hey, thats a REALLY good one - you get charged to get it installed, you get an extra charge each year for (cause they can) and it always remains their property. What A Deal. Did anyone notice?

    Their mad, all of them. And why do we have to put up with it too - bloody hell Kevin, your a bitter disappointment. Your supposed to be running the country, not multinational mining companies. Dont stuff up this one too.

    -couldn't help it, Andrew - feel free to delete if its too much.


  8. Given I agree with you Michael, the comment remains. The electric meters concern me greatly.