Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Always looking for a good ride

The problem with the public bike scheme in Melbourne is that the law states you must wear a helmet when cycling in Victoria. I approve. It has saved many lives and bad injuries. But!!!

'Un helmet, siv u plate monsure? Non, fermay lez bouche and bugger orf, mon chap.'

Apparently the first stock of bikes for the Parisian public bicycle scheme were nicked and ended up in South America. The went there by the container load. But from what I observed, the public bike scheme in Paris is cheap and popular. As you can see, my French is lacking but I could read enough at the time to pick up that the bike hire is very cheap.

Viva la Francais. (Sorry, I know the cumulocirculation thingy for Francais is buried somewhere in the keyboard, but I can't be bothered)


  1. Only goes to prove that French heads are not as good as Aussie heads...

  2. Hehe, that me laugh.

  3. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Works well in flat cities.

  4. Cheryl, of course I meant it made me laugh.

    What excellent French you speak Jayne. See how you go with that in Bendigo.

    A valid point Michael. But cycling is growing in Sydney too.

  5. If the civilised Parisians nicked all their bikes what hope is there for the convict Sydneysiders?

  6. Of course it wasn't the civilised Parisians who nicked the bikes Victor. It was the immigrants.