Sunday, May 02, 2010

Volvo iPhones

I am a member of an email group that often receives posts sent from member's mobile phones. While I don't think they can stop it happening, and so I don't thing they are aggrandising themselves for having an iPhone, there is a footer that comes with the email saying 'Sent from my iPhone'.

I don't have an iPhone and I can email without my phone adding, 'sent from my Ultra Touch'.

It rather reminds me of when Volvo cars always had their headlights on when being driven. There was nothing the owner could do to stop the lights being on, and given the general standard of driving by Volvo owners, it wasn't such a bad thing. Volvos no longer compulsorily have their lights on and I suspect in time, 'sent from my iPhone' will disappear too.

Who could forget the very loud turn signal noise on motorbikes. Don't seem to hear that now either.

The next microwave oven we buy will definitely not have the 'nag' feature. If I am stupid enough to forget I have put something in the microwave, then it is my bad luck. I don't want three piercing beeps every minute to remind me. Mind you, there will probably always be a cup of warmed up coffee gone cold in the microwave that I have forgotten about.

Do you have some auto thing happening with your bits of electronics or car that you hate?


  1. The "put your seatbelt on" beeps in my new car drive me bonkers. I frequently turn the ignition on to start the aircon, adjust the windows, plug in my ipod, etc, well before I am ready to start driving. I also have to reach across to secure the puppy in her travel harness.
    When I am ready to get going, my seatbelt use is automatic. I don't need reminding!

  2. Oh I agree, those three beeps from the microwave. Yeah I know it's ther and it's my fault if I forget it.

  3. Do you have some auto thing happening with your bits of electronics or car that you hate?
    Only thing I can think of is when Red Symons is on hols and I wake up to hear...that woman.

  4. This Devil's Workday10:39 am

    My laptop and every program and non-program on it's need to constantly update and try to reset my computer almost every single day. Updates that I never understand what they're about or do, but drive me insane. And why does Windows insist on resetting itself after updates have been made? Why can't I just do it myself? Because if you walk way from your computer for ten minutes, BAM, you come back and it has reset and you've lost your shit.

    Not quite the same as what you're talking about... but still.

    You warm your coffee in the microwave?

  5. Agree Altissima. I don't need my seatbelt on to drive down levels to the car park door.

    Just drives me mad Davine.

    The T woman Jayne. Not exactly a low key start to the day is it.

    TDW, partner is complaining the laptop is doing that when he is in the middle of a game of patience. I better look at. I don't believe in auto updates except for anti virus or firewalls. I boil water for my coffee, make it, drink a bit and then forget I made it. Oh look, there half a cup of coffee. Heat it up.

  6. "Do you have some auto thing happening with your bits of electronics or car that you hate?"

    Just when the electrical item breaks down automatically about 30 seconds after the warranty runs out. I'm sure they're fitted with special timers.

  7. Only experienced that with the tv Brian, but I am sure many agree with you.

  8. I thought at first it was a bit of idle boasting, that "sent from my iPhone" thing. Then I realised there's no choice.

    Rather conceited of Apple, don't you think? Actually, I can help but admire how they manage to work simple advertising & marketing into everything. No matter how irritating.

    "Typed on my work computer"

  9. Anonymous9:02 pm

    me, and other iPhone users that haven't figured it out yet, there is a choice. The "Sent from my iphone" message can be removed by going to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature

    There is a choice.

  10. ME, I really dislike companies doing this kind of thing. 'Sent from Chinese made tower'.

    Thanks Anon. Some will be relieved. I suppose it takes time for people to work all these sub menus out.

  11. I have three identical Sony radios scattered around my apartment that are all set to switch on in the morning to a specific radio station.

    Two of them work perfectly always switching to the prescribed station regardless of what station they were last tuned to but the third one will only broadcast the last station tuned no matter how often I try to reset it.

  12. Must be the radio that is tuned to JJJ Victor. It vibrates off the station.