Sunday, May 09, 2010

Thin Skinned?

Doing the job I do where abuse is par for the course and the moods my partner gets into at times and lets fly, I surprise myself at how thinned skinned I can be at times. We were out for dinner last night at our regular pub for a meal with our Brother Friends. I always leave the nasty bill paying stuff for others to sort out. Just tell me how much I have to pay. Our fave waitress, who we call Shazza, was there. I was not paying attention when Shazza asked R if we wanted a second drink, in my case a house red. But he did not say a house red, he just responded to another drink.

I was upsized to a more expensive wine. It showed on the bill when sometimes we just go to the bar and pay the bill without question. It is a place we trust. Well was. But we had to divvy up the bill, our share and the Brothers share, and so we noticed. R was talking about the upsize when unbeknownst to him, Shazza was behind us cleaning down a table. I am only guessing that she heard something. She did come up to me later and apologise for the overcharge, but no mention of reducing the bill.

The amount of money we are taking about is less than $3 so it is clearly not about the money.

R or someone normally checks bills wherever we eat. We stopped bothering at this place. We might have eaten at this hotel thirty times in past few years, sometimes with friends, often just us and once with a group of ten. Such a simple thing has mega pissed me orf and I have taken it very personally.



  1. Yeah, happened to us at a Thai restaurant once years ago and my friend whose name is Shazze (haha) divided the bill up and found they had over charged our whole party by over $60. Unreal!

  2. I feel for you; I hate bad service too - I only want to suggest that the waiting staff may be under pressure from management to upsell (awful word). I have a friend who works in a department store (one of the big ones) and they are required to sign up customers to credit cards - she gets huge pressure to do this and could even lose shifts if she doesn't.

  3. Many years ago a group of us students went out to dinner to celebrate some 21sts. The waiter opened the wine- and it all fizzed everywhere and quite a lot was lost. But they wouldn't in any way compensate. When we came to divvy up our bill, we found they had left one meal off. Usually we were an incredibly honest group. But in this case, we thought fair was fair, and we never told them...

  4. Was going to say what Frank suggested - pressure to increase expenditure of clients.

  5. Wow Cazzie, that is a lot of money. Lucky Shazze picked it up.

    Frank, I think I can guess which store. The staff are often asking if I want one of their cards. Pestering I call it. You may be right about the wine.

    Fair enough KN. I believe in taking your own action like that if you can. If we have a bad public transport experience, we may well not pay.

    The Scottish restaurant started it Jayne, with their upsizing.

  6. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Ouch. If it had been a waitress you didn't know, it might have been easier to laugh off, but because it was Shazza it seems, well, personal. An apology is fine, but it should also have been removed as you didn't request the upgrade. Perhaps she was embarrassed.

    (I'm not even going to mention that this is in breach of the Trade Practices Act).

  7. MD, might just not go there for awhile. I expect when we do, they will make a fuss of us. I can't imagine that it was her intention. I think it was just a stuff up by someone.