Wednesday, May 05, 2010

That Deveny Woman Again

Shock horror. An offensive, shocking, provocative and thought provoking comedian has been sacked as a personal column writer for The Age.

Now why would The Age ever have employed Catherine Deveny in the first place? She has always been offensive, shocking, provocative and thought provoking, and at times funny. I thought that was her job? Like, why she was hired?

As I only pay for The Age when R is on holidays, and then only once a week, it futile for me to threaten to not buy The Age, but by golly, it has gone down in my estimation.

Worse, The Age did this when the are publishing extracts from a biography of a former editor, the late Graham Perkin, who shook the newspaper to its very bootstraps and shocked its readers by challenging orthodoxy.

I rarely use such overused phrases as nanny state and political correctness gone mad, but truly, does The Age think so little of its readers that it thinks we can't cope with some tacky and bad taste humour? The Age has taken a large chip out of my goodwill towards it.

Now, just watch Deveny go on to greater fame and perhaps fortune on the back of this.


  1. Sure, her comments about Rove & Bindi were 'bad taste' - but they were chuckle-worthy.

    I echo your sentiments: why would the Age employ somebody who is known for their provocative style of humour, if they don't want to deal with the fallout when it inevitably pisses off a few sensitive types?

    Silly silly.

  2. Hear hear ME. Has the US bible belt moved here?

    Ummm, better just add I do realise perhaps provocative and thought provoking are much the same to most. They just have a slightly different meaning in my head.

  3. Dammit all, the Age employing someone to be provocative when much of what I want of the Age is for it to be a credible journal of record. Something it has failed to be for quite some time.

    I'm not preciously sensitive, however if someone like Deveny (who purports to be 'a comedian') is going to be insensitive I'd want that insensitivity to funny and/or clever and/or incisive and/or worth reading.

    She strikes me as being one of those "Ooh aah, look at moi aren't I being rooly rooly naughty?!" self indulgent tosspotters.

    The 'Young Ones' did it ages ago and much betterer.

    She fits into the 'here today (barely), gone tomorrow (and what took it so long for me to be seen through)' category.

    And above and beyond all that, who gives a toss, and this Deveney story will be wrapping Pauline Hanson's fish'n'chips before you can say "Danger Will Robinson!"

  4. For me, it is not so much about her as it is about The Age's reaction.

  5. Spot on, and it was interesting to note that the Age made no mention of Deveny until the Herald Sun (naturally enough given their current mutual antipathy which seems to be going beyond their normal commercial competitiveness) and other news outlets made mention of Deveny's idiocy.

    Then they bailed.

    Ah, yes the fearless 'publish and be damned' seemed to have died with Graham Perkin.

    (Then again maybe the Age was just waiting for an excuse to dump Deveny.)

  6. ... and Michelle Grattan has a better (albeit stern and traditional) sensa yuma.

  7. Has Michelle reached the status of National Living Treasure yet?

  8. Deveny's Age column was pulled when she wrote her reaction to her Ballarat venue being cancelled due to the content of her show (the venue was part of the church and God Is Bullshit kinda didn't go well).
    If a bloke had said that stupid comment about Bindi no one would bat an eyelid at The Age dumping him.

  9. "Has Michelle reached the status of National Living Treasure yet?"

    More importantly has she reached the status of the thinking gay's icon?

    Oz's very own Coke bottle glassed Bette Midler.

    She just might be the Damascus Road gal laying wait to turn you Shirl.

  10. Anonymous4:30 pm

    I'm with you Andrew this country is fast becoming one big Nanna State. But then what do you expect with the religous right running the show.

    Leave us alone with our smutty umour.

  11. ... and my final word(s) about Deveny, nicked from the Immortal Bard.

    Much ado about nothing

  12. I commend you all to Bwca's incisive commentary at the Boynton post on this topic.

    OK I'll just say that B said of the tiny mogul's s*x potential - 'if she just mates with a homo sapien, we will all be relieved'.

    The big issue here is that ANYBODY's employer can now sack them using their Tweets as ammunition.

  13. Ok Jayne. I have a hazy memory of that Jayne, her show at least. I can't agree about a bloke saying that about Bindii. If someone like Will Ando said it, he would be no worse off, perhaps even less so.

    Lord, I try to never criticise anyone's looks, no matter how butt ugly they are, so I shall just say, Michelle is not my type.

    Anon, take consolation in that we are so Nanny as the UK.

    Lord, if it was nothing, there would be no ado, bard notwithstanding.

    Emstacks, Brownie's comments broke me up. Re employer's etc, there is a good reason why I have three Facebook profiles. You just can't afford to put yourself out there too much.

  14. multiple profiles?
    bwah ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. You should try it Ann. It might save you some angst.

  16. I didn't agree with a lot of what she wrote on both the Logies and ANZAC day, but it's her opinion and her twitter, it's not like she stealthily published it in The Age without their permission. I think their sacking is a gross overreaction on their behalf.

  17. oh, and I unfollowed Helen Razer the night of the Logies because I got sick of her bitter view of the world, interestingly she's since deleted her account, so I wonder why that was.

  18. Ah, Razer is still around. I did hear some mention of her.

  19. I was surprised that she was sacked. Although I believe she used the term "boned" in her farewell article.

    Often best bits of Deveny's articles in The Age were the readers comments in the online version. I still can't believe people thought she was serious , I mean really...

  20. You've got it Ben. She is a performer.

  21. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Hey, remember, - its Catherine Deveny we are talking about. Lot of the time, its total crap and you can see shes off her meds - other times, it is clear, incisive, brilliant writing about a contemporary issue (or not).
    We need people like her, and Michael Leunig, - to do the things, make the comments that no one else does.
    Mourn her passing - we shall not see her like again.


  22. Anonymous11:11 pm

    and Bob Ellis too.


  23. Don't worry about CD Michael. It is but just a pause for her. I like your point though. Society needs stirrers like the ones you have mentioned.

  24. I think this story has been a bit of a beat up by the media. As far as I understand it, Deveny was not actually an employee or Thee Age, rather a freelancer - so she has been "dropped" rather than "fired". Furthermore she has had ongoing conflicts with the current editor, so there probably much more to it than solely these recent tweets. I suspect Paul Ramadge has been looking for an excuse to get rid of her for a long time.
    She may well be a “professional pain in the arse and serial pest”, but I find her writing entertaining, insightful, provocative, sometimes offensive, and always thought provoking. I sure hopes she finds a new regular outlet soon.

  25. All absolutely correct Altissima. She had been warned in the past by Ramage, and ignored his warning. I am liking her now. Pleased to see that you look at alternative media sources.