Sunday, May 16, 2010

The 'Sus' Neighbour

Nice meal of corned beef and vegetables and our friend's place in South Oakleigh after work tonight. I undressed in the street from work clothes and changed into civvies as R arrived on the tram. No hooting of horns or flashing of lights. We et a lamington sponge too. Just the three of us was nice. Friend was taking advantage of his b/f being away and so cooked beef which the b/f does not eat.

As we stepped out of the lift when we arrived home, our Honk Kong born neighbours were getting in with freshly baked and still warm buns. Take some, they said. We took one each. They were very sweet and bland. Some Asian food I like, not all.

I am only guessing, but since they had an open box of just cooked buns, they were visiting someone in the building. I am guessing it might be the HK woman who is leaving the building, a long time resident who caused the body corp a bit of trouble by her erecting a satellite dish on her balcony. The dish is not allowed but protocols were quickly enacted to allow access through cables to Asian tv from overseas.

Our neighbour who gave us the buns had her son in tow. He would be twenty now, so he was twelve when we moved here. He has turned into a nice looking and polite young man. But really, what healthy young male aged twenty goes out with his mother at ten o'clock on a Saturday night?


  1. I don't find that 'sus' at all Andrew. We "Westerners" have become quite used to our generational separation, but 'family together' is still a very Asian way to do things.

  2. Aww KN, your rationality is so spoiling me wanting to put him in a box with a label on his forehead.

  3. Anonymous12:40 am

    Mmmmm buns!

  4. Not at all like good old Aussie buns Cazzie. Of course you could be referring to another type of buns.