Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Social Highriser and the failed appliance

It may well be social Highriser, but failed appliances are intruding. How many things have failed around the Highrise this year? The list is long and you will have already read about them. But it hasn't stopped.

Seems my balcony door bolt failed. Because I had to pack it out so that the lock cleared a lip, the friction pad had no pressure to keep the bolt in and out it dropped out. I fixed it by getting the jigsaw out and cutting a piece of timber to wedge in behind the friction pad. It worked. I tested it, rocking the door against the lock back and forth. R came home and took a look and he barely touched it and the timber wedge fell out. I installed two larger packing washers and they are now holding the friction pad in, so far.

At the weekend I turned on the range hood lights and zap, there was a bang, the lights did not come on a circuit was tripped. I reset the circuit but the lights are fused in some way. The fans are still working.

Today I switched the dishwasher on and away it went. Gee, it finished quickly. Too quickly. The panel lights were out and it had not finished. It is electrically dead.

It is so hard when both people work, well, I suppose it is if you are single too, to get tradespeople in. I am lucky that I often have weekday off to arrange such things.

But the thing is, on my day off next week, I am committed to meeting some friends at a prestigious Southern Cross restaurant. Dishwasher repair is important, but so is the lunch that I have committed to

Dishwasher repair person coming tomorrow, Thursday. Damn, can't use that excuse to get out of it.


  1. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Don't even think about it Your Hotness, we know where you live!

  2. It seems unreal the way that happens. Almost like appliances have some kind of wired-in empathy with one another.

  3. While your there Shirl, can you ask your dishwasher repair person if he can(a) fix up our HDTV which as of yesterday keeps telling us "NO SIGNAL" and (b) take a trip to Ballarat and fix my mad mother's new (barely 3 weeks old) twin tub washing machine.

    Does the term "inbuilt obsolescence" ring a bell with anyone?

  4. Ah yeah Anon. Forgot about that. Maybe Mother will die!

    LiD, it really has been a year of things breaking down. I guess it is the age of place, but more recently bought things such as the dishwasher have too.

    Tess, I see that often enough because we run ours through a pvr. The pvr and the tv hate each other. Hehe, like you can still get twin tubs. You can't, can you?

  5. oh wow, it happens in threes huh! At least your dishwasher didn't catch on fire like my last one did, almost burned the house down. Luckily the manufacturer acknowledged the fault and replaced not only the dishwasher but the bench top that burned too!

  6. Gee, that is alarming Fen. Replacing the bench top kept you happy and not running to media.

  7. I see these occurrences as a sign from Mother Nature that Man was never meant to spin dry his smalls in a tub larger than a breadbox :P

  8. Jayne, well why did Mother Nature give us all these electric things?