Monday, May 17, 2010

New TV

I am sure I moaned on long and hard about our tv failing earlier this year. Claim against Samsung still pending. I did write a letter but perhaps Samsung doesn't do letters and I need to call. I'll get there, eventually. Seems kind of redundant now as our tv screen got broke and it went the City of Port Phillip electronic recycling station. Must say though, when an object collides with an lcd tv screen, the broken screen makes a very pretty pattern.

I don't think of us as consumers of cutting edge technology, but the old 42" LCD cost us $3200. Our new 46" cost $2000. 46" is perfect for our place. Nice and big when sitting and watching and easily viewable from the kitchen area.

I will just conclude with the picture quality in lcd tvs has advanced immensely in three or so years. The sound is also much better


  1. I'm very happy with my 46" lcd.

  2. That couple of extra inches makes all the difference Victor.