Friday, May 21, 2010

New Internet

It takes friends to point these things out. Telstra never helps me, no matter how long I have been a loyal customer and always sung their praises. Well maybe I have been critical of them, but so I should be.

Back in the late 1990s, it took a friend to point out a good deal to transfer from no name dial up to Telstra cable. For the cost of about $100, men dug up the street, and patched it up again, dug along the side of our house, installed a box, brought a modem and connected it up and sorted out the computer to deal with cable internet. It was a dream after dial up.

Recently a blog mate started using, I think, ADSL2, and posted a speed test site. I checked our cable at the speed test site and it was considerably slower than ADSL2. I was not particular concerned though. I considered our net connection fast enough for us.

Yet again, another friend steps up to crease and mentions an ADSL deal Telstra had just notified him about. I took a look, and sure enough, it applies to cable too.

From the discounted $69 per month(normally $79) for 25gb at 8mb per second, we now have for $49 the same 25gb but at the speed of 30,000 mb per second (maybe it is 3000 or even 300. Sloppy of Telstra not to make it clear. Check this link) Seems a big difference, but that is how I read it.

I was warned that our eight year old modem might not be up to the speed increase or could even fail, but it hasn't happened. The transition was seamless. Initially, I did not notice a difference. I was just pleased it still worked. But the more I use the computer, the more I am noticing the net is super lightning fast.

I am not sure I want Krudd's super fast fibre optic. Well, not while Telstra limits us to the absurd 25gb download limit. A friend tells me Optus is offering 100 plus gb for the same price.


  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Bloody Telstra.......a friend is moving home next week an dhe phoned Telstra up to disconnect his internet service the following Friday. They said he will have to pay the 3 months due on the contract, which he was ok with and hung up. Went to go online on his computer and they had disconnected his internet service straight away instead of as requested. When he rang back the girl just said that is Telstra's policy to disconnect when they recieve the call and not wait till the following Friday to do so. Why didn't they tell him that when he first called? No wonder they have a bad reputation.

  2. Yes, Anon above, we hate them, loathe them, and who are they anyhow? the shareholders?
    Even the 'telstra shops' HATE them.
    The one where I am now, tolde that 2 days ago, and the one at the place I just left hates them too. I was at both places trying to solve connections issues of my NextG modem stick, which drops out all the time, wherever I am in Victoria. while I typed this actually. we hate Telstra.

  3. Anon, a victory for people who do things at the last minute. Bad luck for those who like to be prepared. I hear so many stories of not just Telstra, others too, getting such instructions wrong.

    MOD, wouldn't that just be coverage problems?

  4. I'm with a locally owned company called TSN and they are perfect as far as I am concerned - if I can't get satisfaction on the phone their office is only a few kms away and it can all be sorted sitting down with me.

  5. So there are some small ones still around. Good.