Friday, May 14, 2010

Myki Tram Readers

I suppose they are Myki equipment testers I have seen out and about on trams of late. Armed with clipboards, they test each reader with their card and make notes. Over the last month I have noticed that the card readers are generally working, unlike in the past when they seemed to be always shut down, or some of them.

What alarms me is that it seems to take between three and four seconds from when the tester puts the card up to the reader and for the reader to register the ticket. Multiply that by fifty people getting off a tram and touching off and fifty people getting on and touching on at one stop and then maybe the next stop twenty on and twenty off, well, someone did not really think this through did they.

I don't know if it was a improper use of a train Myki card or one given to select people, but already I have seen a bit of tram driver rage at a passenger who was obsessed with touching off with his Myki card. The driver shut the door, reopened at the passenger request, closed it again yet still the passenger wanted to get off, all the while trying to touch off with his Myki card. "Are ya gettin' orf or not mate?", yelled the the driver.

Something has to give. I suggest we just wait for the government announcement. And where is Jean Kerr Walsh when she is needed? Have the public seen her CV where it prominently says, spin doctor? MS Kerr Walsh may be seen as a little tarnished by too many people.


  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    They need to take some lessons from London's Oyster Card system - simple, quick, and deals with millions of passengers every day!

  2. They need to make it a flat rate on the trams, and one touch only.
    It's still not valid to use Myki cards on trams, you can get fined for not having a paper ticket, so those people (non testers) using them are a bit silly!

  3. Don't we know know it Scott. Just too easy.

    Fen, I think something like that will happen. Like Metcard, you touch on like you validate, but most should not need to not touch off.

  4. as we have a very spare bus service up here in the sticks - this is all new technology to me - can you still just get on a tram and use money? if not what of you are from away and don't have a card?

  5. You can now if you have coins MC. In the future you will be able to with notes too. You just pay a bit more, which is how such a system works around the world.

  6. Anonymous8:05 pm

    It'd be nice if Myki was what gave. Grumble grumble waste of money.

  7. So badly done MD and so expensive, but I think it will be good once it is working.